You choose to learn more about the Kiemirrors. Kapree nods, smiling, "Then I shall leave the explanations to Lady Stormelle. Bye!" she says cheerily and with a wild swish of her fluffy tail she's gone. Exasperated you turn on your heal to look at the sign again and jump to see a portal appearing in front of you.

Stormelle smiles at you her long hair now down an in a slight mess of wavy curls. "Sorry." she says as she pulls one of her feet out of the portal. "Wew...I need to work on those things." she says, pushing a stray hair behind her ear. She was wearing much more casual dress this time around, but it was still her. You give a weak smile, not having forgot the trip she'd sent you on through the portal to get here. "Very sorry about any troubles you may have had." she says, swinging her arms in an idle manner.
"Anyways, you want to know about Keimirrior, right? Well...In order to give you proper information I'd have to show you their records, but that's only for owners sooo...I've got some revised stuff at my house." she says, still swinging her arms in a manner all to much like a teenager.
Your expression becomes worried very slightly at the thought of another portal and Stormelle, quickly seeing this, shakes her head wildly. "No, no. I have a home here on Siana as well. Come on." she says, smiling and turning. The two of you trek in silence till a small building, made or little more than tree and mud, comes into sight within the wild foliage of the forest. "Here we are." Stormelle says, opening the door with a slight flick of her wrist, which you assume is the magic she uses.
"Best start on this one." she says, handing you a scroll.


Where does the name Kiemirrors come from?
The name, in all honesty, is my tribute (Michelle/Stormelle, the artist and creator) to one of my most influential teacher. I love you Miss Kiem!
Where do they live?
As the majority of these pages might suggest, Kiemirror at this point in time have only been found in the large and amazingly gorgeous rain forest(s) of Siana. I wouldn't be surprised if that changed sometime in the future, considering Siana is a secluded island on the planet I'm from, Shi'Lyra, my colleges, friends, and have only skimmed the potential of this island.
How do I get one?
I run events, off an on, on both the Orchard Message Post and PonyIsland. I'm Stormelle on both websites. Also, I do take commissions (status-open) on the hand and computer drawn Kiemirror...For that either send me a PM on one of the earlier mentioned sites or E-mail Me.
As far as I can tell, Kiemirror are creatures that enjoy company of their fellows. So they do travel in Prides. But as Madrid and Kapree show, there are pairs that stick together and have love for only each other. As for how often Kiemirror breed and produce offspring a year it depends on the nature of the rain fall. If there is a good average amount, not too much or too little, you'll generally get more cubs. On years where there is too much or too little rain the adult Kiemirror have to fend for themselves and so generally tend to avoid bringing cubs into the world at this time.
S-genes and mutations?
Now...This is mainly for you PI-ers. Sgenes and mutations are not really defined with Kiemirror. There are a few 'mutations' that are on the computer lineart but there will be much more outside of those on hand drawn Kiemirror.
Have questions? Scroll up and clicky on my E-mail or send me a message on one of the sites mentioned.

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