You stumble out of the portal, watching it close behind you with slight aggitation. That portal truly needed some work. Rolling your eyes slightly and pulling your cape around you, you being to look around the area. The vegitation was tighter here than in the Kiemirror area. But even are you look around you spot a flash of orange and yellow.

A female Kiemirror watches you, only the left half of her face visable. Her blue eye watching you as a small blue and red thing darts past you. You watch it, trying to see anything put it small and fast wings. The female Kiemirror turns her full gaze on you and you nearly gasp, her right eye is marred by three scars. Each one and old and faded pink, it was an old wound. Despite this she was still pretty, but as you take in her full face you realize her right ear was tattered, another old wound can be seen on her neck below a silver band.

She continues to watch you for a moment as the red blur from earlier lands atop her head she flicks one of her ears up to support the small body of a...Insect-horse? What would one call something that resembled a horse but had the wings of a dragonfly...Or something like that. "He's a Defae." the female Kiemirror says, her good calm while her bad one retained a constantly frightened or angry expression.
"I also have a name." he said, a green eyes peaked out at you. "But yes...I am a Defae." he says, flitting his wings lightly.
The female Kiemirror glances up at her friend then back at you. "The Defae have been around just as long as us Kiemirror...I brought them to Lady Stormelle as hard times are approaching...I wnat them off of this island. Away from things they can't help with." she says, jumping from her perch on a notted branch, her metal weapons clinking against each other as she landed.
"You can't have me. Keep your eyes open for others." the red bodied male says at you his green eyes watching you angrily.

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