Equine Retirement at Stony Ridge Farm

Rates & Services:

Services included in $215/month board:

*Bills are sent out monthly via USPS*

·     Daily tending, TLC,  Minor medications, scheduling and holding for any professional services needed

·     Worming, Vaccinations (EWE+T,Flu and Rabies are included at no charge,  PHF and WNV will be billed )

·      Hay/Winter, Pasture/Summer, minerals,salt

·      Blanketing, fly masks if needed

·      Daily additives or meds (actual cost of additive will be billed)

Extra Services Available:

·     Grain, if needed ($60 per month)

·      Stall Rest ($5 per day)

·     Limited Individual Turnout ($50 per month)

·     Grooming, mane pulling, etc.

Professional Services Available:

·     Veterinarian

·     Chiropractor

·     Blacksmith


Hooves are trimmed every 8 weeks, current farrier charges for trims: $30.

Shoes are done as needed, usually every 6 weeks.

Dental exams are done annually; floating done as needed.


Life is Good!