Stone Hill Nursery

"Where Victorian Babies are reborned"


Hello My name is Carmen and I am the Artist behind

 "Stone Hill  Nursery"

I have been reborning for almost ten years now, I started with

Stencil Creams and moved thru artists oils and now I am using Genesis Heat Set Paints.

 I strive to improve my work with

each baby I create,  a piece of my heart goes into each and everyone of

the little ones that leave my nursery.I am always taking classes and

 seminars, to keep up with the ever evolving art of reborning. I can

also reborn Solid Silicones, I am completely in love with the feel of

the solid silicone babies.Painting Solid Silicone is an art on its own , 

and  a very interesting one.

I will keep you updated in my ventures in the solid

silicone babies..


Here's one of my favorite reborn baby..

Baby Jayden


Picture072.jpg picture by duchessofstonehillmanor

Reborn babies are a treasure to pass down Generation to Generation....

 and I am a stay at home mom to 3 wonderful grown children ages, 26 23 and 19.

 My love for baby dolls has been with me for as long as I can remember so when

I first came across reborn babies on ebay , I knew that I had to learn the art.

And I was determined to do so right away so I enrolled in clases via internet "Simply Reborn"

 and Had learned tons in a very short time. I am also a member of various Yahoo reborn

 groups and some doll boards.



What is a REBORN?

A Reborn is a very special collectible doll. Through a process called "Reborning",

or  the New "Newborning"

a high quality play doll or a blank vinyl or solid silicone kit, 

has been transformed into a truly

collectible work of art that is amazingly lifelike. Over a period of days,

weeks or months different techniques are used to bring about the

desired features and appearance that the artist is looking for in each doll.

No two are ever alike.

There are many Reborn Artists, and each one has his/her own way

of doing things.

An Artist will use the techniques that bring about the most lifelike

"Baby", with many hours of individual attention going into each one.

My latest baby



Camden Rose


Solid Silicone Baby