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  • Owner: Alberta Stillwater Adventures
  • Owner: Fly Fishing Edmonton website
  • Past Owner: Alberta Fly Fishing Forum
  • Past Owner: Santannas Nite Club
  • Past Manager: North side Fishin' Hole
  • Past Director: Trout Unlimited Canada (Edmonton chapter)
  • Past Director: F.E.S.A. (Fish Enhancement Society of Alberta)
  • Certified  Emergency Medical Responder  (not registered with ACP)
  • Certified Medical First Responder


Hi, my name is Mike Monteith.  I started fishing at the age of three and received my first fly rod at four years of age.  My father brought me up fishing Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout in New Brunswick, Canada.  After a few years living in Winnipeg, I moved to Edmonton and have been fishing the local trout lakes ever since.  Some of my fondest memories revolve around days spent with family at Edmonton's pothole lakes.  I started Alberta Stillwater Aventures because of the overwhelming interest in stillwater fly-fishing and float tubing by visitors to my information site, Fly Fishing Edmonton.  Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.



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  • "Doc, I had a great time at the clinic. You were very friendly and knowledgeable and made learning very easy. I highly recommend Doc's clinic to anyone interested in flyfishing!"
    Brent Jones
  • "I just had a beginners lesson a few days ago and am addicted! Mike is an excellent teacher and very reassuring when you don't get something right away. By the end of the course ..."
    Shauna Howe

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