Steam Noir

The Creations of William Wardrop

Steam Punk vs Retro-Futurism

In a cold war era where life is on the brink of mass-extinction, two insane geniuses step forward to push us past the midnight hour on the doomsday clock: Dr. Otto Rathburger; a man bent on global conquest and Prof. Dennis Balonium; a scientist with no ethical boundries...




















...Two mad scientists in the 1950's who are oblivious to each others existence on the same tiny island off the coast of Mexico; creating preposterous inventions with world changing implications, unaware of the effects their experiments have on each other.

The Iron Warthog

"I should have thought of this earlier! Without the force of gravity I can create a flying machine without weight restrictions and so I have mounted every known engine of destruction into this densely armored juggernaut. Behold 'The Iron Warthog' and with it there will be no army that can stand against me!"

- Dr. Otto Rathburger





Building a Meaner Warthog...

Here William is showing the Iron Warthog in an early stage of construction. He has just completed attaching the hatch onto the spherical body of the vessel.







When the hatch is openned the inner framework is visable. The frame is a geodesic sphere constructed of wooden coffee stirs to which cardboard pannels were attached. The sphere was then covered with paper mache.





With the addition of a porthole, cannons, turrets, rocket launchers and lots of rivets, the Iron Warthog takes shape.












This rear-viewshows the extent of  the detailing this model recieved.












With the addition of paint the Iron Warthog is ready for action!


But one is not enough...

To show the Iron Warthog flying through the sky, a smaller version was required for fliming. Here we see the smaller version which was made of cardboard and covered with paper mache.




Many details were added to the form using William's special cardboard modeling technique.












Here we see the fully detailed version of the mini Iron Warthog before paint.














...And after paint.












...And here they are together like mother and child.



















On set; the Iron Warthog is a formidable Monster...


And now we play with the puppets...

Here we see William taking Mary Kay for a walk... or a float... or flying... jumping maybe? Bill! What are you doing with Mary Kay?












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