Steam Noir

The Creations of William Wardrop

Submarines on Display

There were many displays showing my submarine models in Kennesaw, this one was one of my favorites.

Oldies but Goodies

These rockets represent the dreams of my childhood, with fins and streamlined body’s; the spaceship designs of the 1950's are the ones that captured my imagination. Even when the real ones were taking off on TV every day, I still loved these best. Call me a Romantic...

The Space Train

The Earth-to-Moon Space Train had its own display in the corner with a moon that lit up.

Yours truly at work on the show


This is the workspace that the museum staff set up for me. I was able to make two models right on site at the show and Give demonstrations on cardboard model making. I made models of the French Submarine Gymnote (the hull I am holding in the picture) and the Southern Locomotive. I gave the Gymnote to the Museum to raffle off for charity. I had a lot of fun in this workspace, talking to people and showing them the exhibit. Sometimes the guests needed explanations of what possessed me to make a particular model.


The Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History in Kennesaw, Georgia is a member of the Smithsonian Affiliations Program. The museum offers a wide range of exhibits, including a glimpse into the daily lives of soldiers during the Civil War; a reproduction of a turn-of-the-century locomotive factory; and an exciting depiction of the Civil War's Great Locomotive Chase.