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static cling was a distro located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada
it has been inactive for quite awhile, but i still have a bunch of zines! check them out!
it is run by me, dystatic!

Soooo... this distro has been rather inactive for awhile, and i am currently not accepting submissions. HOWEVER! i still do have a lot of zines in stock, they are a bit older though (just like this website, made with my mad early 2000 basic HTML skills!). Please look around & if you are interested in anything please email me & we can work out a deal!
i hope everyone is doing well and i am looking forward to hearing from you soon!~ take care!~

PLEASE! pass on the information about this site to people you think will be intrested!

please do email me (dystatic AT gmail DOT com) with any questions!

(last updated nov. 2015)