This is where you will find detailed descriptions of the Valr pack lands, the loner lands etc. There may also be photos to help you picture the area.


Borders: The borders of the large territory owned by the pack is marked by a large, dried river. Years ago, the river was deep and filled with life, but now it is nothing more than a large trench. Many rocks are placed randomly at the banks, and on the eastern side of the river, where the lands of the pack begins, there is a large, open meadow filled with long grass and several small hills. On the opposite side of the dried river is another, smaller meadow which soon disappears into a large forest. The river is about 8 feet across with sloping banks, which can be climbed easily.

(This is just a basic idea of what the borders look like. In roleplay, the slopes are not that steep.)


Densite: The Den Site is located near the southern part of the territory. The Wolves sleep together in one large room, or cavern. The alphas sleep atop a large, flat boulder near the back of the den, and the betas beside them on a smaller boulder. Since the den site for these wolves is located under a waterfall, the den is always moist and dark. In the morning, though, the sun shines threw the falling water and creates a huge rainbow, which usually awakes all the wolves. Outside the den, there is a pool of deep water, which the falling freshwater collects in. The river continues at the western side of the deep pool. The area is usually fairly quiet and the waterfall does not make much noise. The ground around the waterfall is soft and covered in moss, making it a wonderful place to raise pups. Around the outside of the den is a beautiful sitting place, a wonderful area to just sit around. The floor is covered in soft moss and short grass, and there are many large rocks about the banks of the river. There are several huge oak trees that shade the whole area from the sun. In winter, the falls completely freeze in a thick wall of ice. The waterfall is quiet quiet and it is very easy to get use to the soft rhythm of the falling water. The small cliff that creates the river is basically a huge, hollow rock. The sides of the cliff are incredibly steep and only the most skilled climbers can scale its vertical walls. The river which creates the den site is called Jyte River.

(Again, just to give a basic idea of the den site. The area is alot more mossy and green.)


Jyte River: Jyte River is a fairly large river that twists threw the pack's territory. It is also a shallow one in most places, so it is easy for wolves to cross. In some places, though, the current is very strong and the waters deep. The river is a good place to fish, for there are usually huge salmon and trout about the river. The banks of the calm river are covered in black sand and pebbles, which can damage paw pads easily. In the center of the river, the waters thunder down a small cliff, making the den site.

(Jyte River looks a lot like this, but there aren't any trees along the banks.)


Plains of Zenut: The Plains of Zenut is a beautiful place. It is a vast area of medium sized grass and blooming wildflowers. It is a wonderful, safe place to take pups. Deer roam about the plains grazing, and there are always huge amounts of hare, mice and insects. There are a few trees placed randomly about the meadow, but they provide little shade. There are thin paths made by wolves who travel threw here. The meadow is fairly big and on the west side of the plains, there is a large forest. If you travel far enough east, then the plains reach the borders.

(This looks a lot like the Plains of Zenut, exept for the area in the background.)


Opaque Wood: Opaque Wood is located just beyond the borders of the Territory, just over a few hills. This forest is fairly dense, and the canopy of leaves created by the many trees in the wood make it hard for sunlight to touch the earth. And because of this, the forest floor is bare. No grass grows here and the ground is nothing but soft earth. And because there is hardly any grass, prey is very scarce in this forest. There is usually a thick fog that covered the forest in the morning, but it clears by noon. The temperature is cold all year round in the forest and in the midst of winter, after all the trees have shed their leaves, the wood looks incredibly scary and haunted.

(This would be the Opaque Wood during autumn.)


Bixco Mountain: Bicxo Mountain is located at the northern most point of the pack's territory. It is a land mark to all who are lost. The mountain is a medium sized one, the very top always being covered in a thick blanket of snow. It's base is covered in large pine trees and the forest climbs the mountain and fades out half way up the mountain. There are many underground springs and streams in the mountain, and there are also small caves for shelter toward the top. The mountain slopes are fairly sleep and they are covered in small cliffs once the pine forest stops. Though the mountain isn't the tallest, it is covered in the stink of death. Many wolves have died travelling to the top and most do not dare climb the horrible mountain.

(A wonderful picture of what Bixco mountain would look like. Only, the trees wouldn't go that high.)

Loners' Domain

Wastelands: The Wastelands is a large, desert like place. The ground is hard and there is no water about. There are several, dead trees that provide little shade. There are jagged rocks scattered all about the Wastelands, that provide more shade then the leaf-less trees. It is always rather hot here, making it a rather dangerous place to go during the summer. In the winter, there is no snow, just heavy amounts of rain.

(There would be more jagged rocks in the ground, but this is an almost prefect picture of the Wastelands.)


Plika Bog: Plika bog is a very eerie place. There is usually a thick fog covering the swamp but on hot summer days the mist seems to disappear. The earth is always very muddy and spongey, making it very easy to get stuck. It is a very dangerous place to take pups, for they could easily get lost or drown. There are many reeds and small clumps of wet swamp grass above the water.

(Plika bog is usually a little darker.)


Shazz Forest: Shazz Forest is a very beautiful place. The trees are spaced wildly and evenly, making it easily to move about. Many amounts of grass and bushes grow here, for sunlight can break easily threw the trees. Deer and hare are often seen roaming about the wood, so it is also a good sorce of food. There are also many, natural springs and streams in Shazz forest, so it is easy to find a drink.

(Just like Shazz forest.)

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