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Bird of Prey

download: Bird_of_Prey_ROM.pdf


Thanks to Panzer for his help




Length Overall: 68.2m
Width Overall: 90.6m
Height Overall: 21.9m
Gross Deadweight Metric Tonnage: 25,000
No. of Main Propulsion Units: 2
No. of Impulse Power Units: 6
Main Propulsion Unit Distance Between CLs: 83.95m
---------------------Length Overall: 45.5m
---------------------Maximum Diameter: 6.65m
Main Hull Maximum Length: 65.7m
------------------Width: 48.4m
------------------Depth: 10.4m
Support Wing Maximum Thickness: 1.5m
-------------Edge Length - Leading: 22.5m
-------------------------- Trailing: 41.0m
Standard Ceiling Height Over Deck: 2.00m
No. of 6 Person Transporters: 1
No. of Shuttlecraft Hangars: 2
Standard Complement of 3-man Shuttlecraft: 2
Cruising Speed W/F: 6
Battle Speed W/F: 8
Impulse Cruising Speed: 0.46c
Impulse Maximum Speed: 0.82c
Armament: Energy Plasma Weapon - Invisibility Cloaking Device - Atomic Missiles

1. These plans are for familiarization purposes for all Star Fleet personnel assigned to starship service.

2. This cruiser is believed to still be the main element of the Romulan Space Forces. However, they have been using an increasing number of Klingon-built D6-class battlecruisers as a supplement (see TD-830711 and TM: 830713 - Model KL-VIII Battlecruiser)

3. Ship's primary armament is an energy plasma weapon. Fired full power, it releases a rapidly expanding, coherent plasma bolt capable of maintaining shape and reaction for approximately 2 minutes. The plasma bolt travels at warp 14 with a total energy of 5x10^27 joules. It's range is limited because of it's expansion to 12 billion kilometers (80 A.U.) for a fully shielded ship, and 99 billion kilometers (660 A.U.) for unshielded ships. The weapon can be fired without the power accumulators. It then has a power of 2.6x10^25 joules and a range of 62 million kilometers (0.41 A.U.) for fully shielded ships and 510 million kilometers (3.4 A.U.) for unshielded ships.

4. Ship's secondary armament consists of atomic missiles and an invisibility cloaking device. The missiles, launched from the ship's wings, travel at sub-light speed only, with a range of less than 140 million kilometers (1 A.U.) Missiles are used where limited destruction is desired.

5. The invisiblity cloaking device makes use of the ship's deflectors to selectively bend light and other electromagnetic waves around the ship to give the impression of invisibility. For operation details see TM: 537401. For power needs see Note 6.

6. Power is provided by twin matter-antimatter generators. Because of the tremendous power requirements of the warp engines, invisibility cloak, and the plasma weapon, they cannot be used simultaneously. When the ship is invisible, it must move under impulse power. At warp speed the weapon can be fired without power accumulators. To fire full power it has to go sublight. It can slowly store power in accumlators while invisible but must become visible to fire.

7. Firing sequence for the energy plasema weapon: Energy from the matter-antimatter generators in the warp pods is stored in the energy accumulators. When the accumulators are charged the ship must become visible or stop warping as the full output of the generators is diverted through the cryogenic conductors to the plasma chamber. This energy also makes the accumulators release their energy to the plasma chamber. 80% of the energy is used to create the plasma. The rest is used to control, shape, and enrich the plasma and to accelerate it out and away from the ship. As the plasma leaves the ship, two super-heated gases are added to the plasma (to fuel it) and it is placed into a space warp. As the enrichment (fueling) of the plasma takes effect it reaches its full destructive power (well away from the ship).

8. Ship is completely manned at all times. Ship's complement is divided into two watches. Crews' normal duty is 17.82 hours on duty and 17.82 off. Each watch has more crew than are needed at normal times and they relieve each other for eating and other activities. The Romulans are spartan and stoic in their liefe style and can work their 35.64 day and longer without difficulty.

9. Ship has permanent staterooms for the 36 officers and barracks that will accomodate 88 of the crew. Since a crew of 170 must share the barracks only one half of the crew (85) is asleep at a given time.

10. The ship's transporter was believed to be Klingon-made or designed. It is believed that the Romulans did not have transporters in their ships before the Klingon treaty. It is now installed in what was a cargo hold.

11. All decks are accessible by gangways and ladders. The elevator is used by the officers and for moving equipment only.

12. Ship's corridors are much narrower than those aboard modern Federation ships, 1 meter as opposed to 2.4 meters. This can fool your sense of scale if you are used to looking at Federation ship plans.

13. Ships' brig has no bed or bunk. Prisoners are forced to curl up around the cell's body waste unit on the floor.

14. Ship has manual food preparation only.

15. Environmental suits of a one size fits all type are bulk stored in various strategic locations throughout the ship. Some suits placed in small areas between equipment are not marked on these plans. Fire fighting equipment is stored with the environmental suits.

16. All decks are equipped with gravity, anti-acceleration, and anti-radiation force-fields that operatin in the same manner as Federation ships.

17. The three-man shuttlecraft can transport individuals to and from ships, planets, or from place to place on planets. Prior to the installation of transporters, these were the principal means of boarding and leaving the ship.

18. The ship is capable of atmospheric entry and planetary landings. Ship's hull is a semi-lifting body and its support wings (though not airfoils) help lift and stabilize the craft. The ship skims in the atmosphere under power. In the final approach it uses an anti-gravity cushion and three landing legs to set down. Front legs have steps and the back leg a ramp.

19. Ships' center fin and support wings are used as heat radiators in space and as control surfaces during atmospheric entry and flight.

20. Only items which are temporarily out of use and important spare parts are stored, otherwise they are reconverted back into their basic elements for re-use as new raw materials. Romulans do not have replication fabrication and must do on board machining of many parts.

21. Refer all observed variations to the Intelligence Division

22. Refer to Star Fleet Technical Manual TM: 804738 "Romulan Battle Tactics" and TM: 509114 "Federation Battle Tactics - Romulans."