sci-fi paper models

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 Welcome on my web site. You find here a few paper models which I constructed. All of them are free so you don´t need to pay for it.

You can leave your comments and ratings right here to each model or you can send me e-mail 

The comments and rating option don't work propertly with OPERA internet browser, so if you want to keep it at disposition use an another browser.



13.9.2011  Reupload of models

Freelancer Hawk....... 100% done. You can download it now

working on Delta Flyer........70% .........still not ready 

S.S Brisbane (Aurora class).......100% done. You can download it now

Almeida class heavy cruiser / freighter.......100% done. You can download it now

Romulan Bird of Prey.......100% done. You can download it now

Now you can download my first model...the Caracal class cruiser

7.7.2007 Start of the website