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:^))) currently dying
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Shadowshade:A very nice a loving cat.A black she-cat with glowing green eyes.Snowflight:A cat that complains alot.White she-cat with green eyes.Deathface:A cat that travel clan to clan.A black tom with a white face and red eyes.Bloodclaw:He is the stubbornest of the four warriors.A red tom with red eyes.Raindrop:The noblest of the the four warriors.A blue she-cat with blue eyes.Grassleaf:The sweetest of the four warriors.A green she-cat with green eyes.Starshine:The cutest of the four warriors.A yellow she-cat with yellow eyes.Snaketail:A cat that doesn't talk much.A green tom with a canine that sticks out and yellow eyes.Goldenpelt:A noble cat who's niece is Bloodclaw.A golden cat with amber eyes.Stormcrash:Shadowshade's mate.A gray tom with yellow eyes.Cloverpelt:A very stubborn and noble cat.A green she-cat with green eyes.Furrypelt:A very curious cat.Tan she-cat with amber eyes.Squirreltail:Furrypelt's curious sister.Ginger she-cat with green eyes and a squirrel-like tail.Leopardtail:Furrypelt's and Squirreltail's dead mother.Yellow she-cat with black spots all, over her ears,paws,tail,face,and body and with green eyes.Goldpelt:A joyful cat.Gold she-cat with gold eyes with two ripped ears and 10 scars.All these cats are RainClan except Bloodclaw.Now onto the rouges.Luna:Bloodclaw's mate.A black she-cat with purple eyes.Bloodclaw(Rouge version):He kills cats and steals kits.A red tom with red eyes.Scarface:He is the son of Luna and Bloodclaw.A gray tom with a scar on his face and amber eyes.Now these are the kittypets.Sprite:A cat who is scared of forest cats.A gray tom with green eyes.Bit:A shy and quiet cat.She's the sister of Sprite.A orange she-cat with blue eyes.Pixel:She was a kittypet*Explains the same story of Firestar with differrent charecters*and her name is Twlightstar A.K.A. Twi.

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The Season:

Leaf-Fall has come and brought wind with it. There are high winds, making it hard for any cat to hunt. The temperature is dropping, and many cats have began growing their fuzzy winter pelt.