batmantechnologies ceo/fbi/csi/wayne enterprises

the manager/CEO, owner, liscenced .

magnettic batman suit

donate for pheonix jones as a hero savior for seattle

brucewayne jr. mission superhero and marketer
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saving the people of gotham sandiego  and the dc  world to protect you  from  the west coast bloods ,mafia , crypts,and gangsters im the FBI    i will fight the joker musician assassinator                            will be added to the economey directorey  of billionares i need a suit 


official and liscenced non profit organization online

plese donate money to my companys website please for the good of the batman suit and fundraising and to help me build my bussines i need gaudence some one comitted fraud on my website they better stay off of it seriousley 

if your breaking the law and commiting fraud you will be penalized by the commisioners tomorrow i have the documents haha thats right im the batman you commited fraud on

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  • "marylin monroe ."
    thomas esmossin /bro
    thomas wayne
  • "im a bussiness persanal that makes real official new generationed adult super hero costumes 18-20 years of age and comics in 2011 is next."
    wayne technologys
    the technology theory

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