batmantechnologies ceo/fbi/csi/wayne enterprises

the manager/CEO, owner, liscenced .

making suits unvaunrable grapple guns fire plus stealth

next suit is spiderman costumes and the geonome antidote.

im going to make a new improved batman beyond motorcycle suit.

coming soon.

the spiderman tech

the spiderman suit is going to be made out  a light weight steel plus  sculpting cowl   called plaster.peter  .  

wayne  technologys  is still in the works of new costumes in 2011.

i know about the radioactive spiders .

Ironman man stealth suit made out of steel and real tech

this suit is made out of only fiberoptic cable  needed  to research it  on the web of what tech he used

now that

now that im  a pro

ironman suit theme song

its who i am underneath

my building

my bussiness building is going to look just like batmans industrie bruce wayne industries but my name of my bussiness is manager owner/thomas /batman technologys  industries .

2010 is now here with the new batman armor of mine

made out of plated steel an kevlar with real rubber   

my companys wayne technologys


this is my conpany website

my companys videos

this is what i do that defines costumes.

this is  a holloween suit  and comic  wear cheap.

sandiego county 

welcome to my superhero company and real life super heroics website,marketing ,technologies never seen before.

this companys going to be awsome in the future i will be famous and im already famous as it is and also calculated in my head also inteligent to make things out of chemistry  and every day i am a nice person but trying to get in to my bussines and my company batmantechnologiestfc wayne industries  im mr wayne bruce wayne espa known as thomas

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  • "marylin monroe ."
    thomas esmossin /bro
    thomas wayne
  • "im a bussiness persanal that makes real official new generationed adult super hero costumes 18-20 years of age and comics in 2011 is next."
    wayne technologys
    the technology theory

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