batmantechnologies ceo/fbi/csi/wayne enterprises

the manager/CEO, owner, liscenced .

today is 2011 a new comic and costume company batman technologys thomas francis cauthron as brucewayne

today  is  2011    a  new  year  if  you  ever  wanted   a    adult  official   costume   or   comic books     of   a  new  gen  of   new  super heroes   but   its   only  for   adults   and  teens   20-30   im   actualley   not   a   illligal  company  i  make costumes  by  hand    and   i   actuallly  dont  make  weapons   or    anything  like that   im   actualley  legal  through  sandiego  county   and   if   you  think im  wrong   im not  i dont  make  weapons   or    swords  or   anything  like that  its   realy   a   adult and  teen     marketing  website   i   dont  sell   weapons  at  all.

an example of my bussiness

wayne  technologys . 

 hi  my  name  is   thomas  cauthron  i   run  my  own  costume bussines  called  batman  technologys  i  do  not  have  weapons  i   make   thats  actualley not  what   i  do  how  would  you  like  a  new  generation   of  adult   costumes  that   are    new  comic  characters  in   a   new   gen  of   comic books  in 2011  im    also   making  comic  books  and  tshirts   also   other   things   i   have  to   work  on  but   thats   actualey  in  2011.

the next   gen   of   batman  costumes  and   and other   superhero  comics  /batmantechnologys comics inc.

this   is   just    a     example  of    a   new   kind   of   costume   or   comics   im   working   on   an    also    i ts not weaponary or  anything  i make  it   by   hand  .

the weaponary  suit and other  new official  costumes  .

if  you  like   comic  books  and   superhero  costumes   for   adults   and   18-20    years  of    age   theres  a   new   generation   of   superhero  costumes  i   thought  of  including  dc.  marvel.   and  movies  in   2010.

wayne  technologys/marketing  for  costumes  online  .

like magneto  or  wolverine  new  versions    of   costumes  that  where  never made .  advertisement video

utiity belt/video advertisement.

this  is   just   a    costume  site   i  just  like  advertising videos

im  actualey  making  all  superhero costumes  for  adults   18-20  years  old  / this video is not  going to  happen  for  real  its  just  a   video  advertisement.

thomas francis wayne /father

the wayne technologys costume  personal  manager of this site

thomas cauthron /manager an owner legalized by the county of sandiego clerks office.

thomas wayne /father  thome song


we do anything  and everything

this is my plan to make adult superhero costumes  of a new gen and a new comic series and im also going to try to make my own t-shirts and other products .this video is just advertisment .

im going to start my  own costumes department online its not weaponary or anything i also already am  liscenced and official with the county of sandiego .

wayne costumes   new gen but cheaper.

i know how to make batmancostumes and marvel costumes out of mold rubber laytex and body structured  that are realistic  looking but not made out of armor.

the wayne  and superhero costumes of a new gennerations of new heros and comics .

                                                                                                                                                                                   the  real costumes that look realistic a  new gen of new superhero costumes and comics plus movies .

hi this is the maker of batman technologys .

   you know who it is its me im not disobaying the law im not trying to sell weapons im just trying to start my own costume  marketing site for adults .

wayne  technologys  the company of the future of    costumes  and   suits and superhero suits but  thier costumes  aqnd thier great .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           starts now and online company called wayne  technology s  now you can buy your own official liscenced suit .

wait till you hear about the new batman beyond and batman beyond number 2 costume thats official .

wait till the new wayne  beyond costume comes out in january 2011.

serial . no


sandiego county 

  this is the state i work for    

pheonex Jones is the greatest  help me support by donating money for his new suit i can make it for him and for being a great hero an superhero please support him please we need a superhero .

document for charity

                                                                                                     please donate 20 .00  for this Seattle  superhero to support him as a legendary person

                              and to remember him and for a suit im going to make him .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

F.B.I  government bruce wayne jr thomas cauthron

batman begins chapter 1


2012 next year is the future

im back for my parents death the return of gotham city im back

the next future the person who creates and makes technologies out of superhero suits teched out armorey  and weaponarey today manufractuaer and the best dang company in sandiego batman technologies

batman arkham orgions video game

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about the new game 

the game is about batman when he fights new characters and the best part is when he fights deadpool

hey this is action with batman

this is for my valentines day batman and dr meridian  in batman forever shes a detective  of gotham and so is the greatest detective of all time batman this is in the batman forever movie happy valentines day

batman forever

batmantechnologies is true i work part time but i do stuff myself and one day ill be sucssesful

this is batmantechnologies this is a website for reasons of new improved military reqired suits and superhero suits im thomas francis cauthron i am the ceo of the website i made it myself and my company liscence is mine if you know anything let me know i also work with aplied sciences on my own terms  i am online but i need to work on this im responsible for my website as a ceo do not hack my website it is illegal if you do i will catch you FBN

welcome to batmantechnologiestfc.

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this is the best website ever made I've been working on it for years I developed it myself its part of my company

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  • "marylin monroe ."
    thomas esmossin /bro
    thomas wayne
  • "im a bussiness persanal that makes real official new generationed adult super hero costumes 18-20 years of age and comics in 2011 is next."
    wayne technologys
    the technology theory

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