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Sharon Renkes Piano Studio

Private piano lessons, ages 5-adult, beginning-early advanced levels.

1. "Discover and Express the Music in You." - S.R.

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The Sharon Renkes Piano Studio offers private piano lessons for beginning through early advanced level students, ages 5 - adult.   The studio always welcomes student inquiries and referrals.  New students can begin their lessons as soon as openings are available in the teaching schedule. Lessons September 1- May 31 are once per week, with a set day and time, for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Summer lessons use flexible scheduling, allowing for camps, vacations, etc.

All music instruction takes place in the piano teacher's home studio.  The learning atmosphere is calm and positive, with lesson content focused on each individual student's learning styles, needs and goals.  Students learn to read, understand, play and enjoy a wide variety of music genres. Sharon's students in Columbus, Ohio, have been successfully learning to make music with their pianos since 1987.                                      

Meet Sharon and her pianos. Free interview and teaching demo. 

(614) 306-1246  sharon@srenkespianostudio.com

Location: 118 East Pacemont Road. Columbus, Ohio 43202. (Clintonville area)

Call, text or email today.  (614) 306-1246   sharon@srenkespianostudio.com

Discover & Express the Music in You!



PLEASE NOTE:  Sharon Renkes (the teacher) reserves the right to photograph students during all studio activities. These include, but are not limited to, lessons and studio group gatherings, student performances and teaching demonstrations. Sharon reserves the right to the use of these photographs, with permission of the students' parents, for the studio purposes of informational display, publicity / advertising materials and the copyrighted studio website. Such photographs, taken by the teacher or shared with her by piano parents and students, become the  property of the Sharon Renkes Piano Studio and will  be used, with parental permission, at the discretion of the teacher for studio purposes only.