Sarah Shafer: Nanny and Babysitter in Kennesaw, GA

Put my experience to work for your family!

My Childcare Philosophy

My goal, first and foremost, is to work as part of a childcare team with parents. Therefore, it is important for all of us to be on the same page in terms of parental desires for their children and approved discipline methods.

I will never, ever use any type of corporal punishment on a child. I use positive reinforcement, redirection, logical consequences and timeouts as necessary and developmentally appropriate.

I am a big believer in free play. Children learn best when they are able to freely explore their world and express their own interests. I love being able to assist children in their exploration and guide natural learning through everyday activities and play. I see my goal during free play to be a facilitator, keeping the children safe, and helping as needed.

I also love to facilitate guided play, whether that be bringing themed books and crafts, introducing a science lesson when we go on a walk, or teaching math and science through a baking activity. I am always looking for teachable/learning moments!



I try to set a good example for the children I care for by eating healthy and I enjoy preparing healthy meals for us. I make sure to include fruits and veggies in every meal and try to avoid processed foods as much as possible. Make-your-own pizzas and my homemade chicken nuggets were go-to favorites with my last family, and I love to introduce new and interesting foods such as curry dishes, paella, pad-thai, etc., whenever possible as well.

Physical Activity

I am a very active person! I love to get outside, hike, camp, just enjoy nature. I am a member of a local gym and take regular fitness classes as well (I love yoga... and kickboxing). I enjoy sharing this passion with the children I work with through facilitating fun activity, indoors and out, every day. For infants, this may be just tummy time, some "practice walking," encouraging their crawling, etc, just working on development, as well as taking him or her on a daily walk in a baby carrier or stroller. As children get older, I continue daily walks and hikes, using a baby/toddler carrier or stroller while needed, and teaching safe practices, hand holding, how to cross the street. We also enjoy supervised free play in the backyard or at the park, and I love facilitating participation at various classes as well. I also teach some basic yoga poses, my last charges LOVED doing/trying to do tree pose. :) I have also helped work on sports skills for soccer and t-ball, and have brought children to and observed swim lessons. I can swim, and am comfortable facilitating pool time, but I am not a swim instructor myself.