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Puffy Baby Blanket

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Puffy Baby Blanket


Puffy Baby Blanket

By Spunknit



Sport/DK yarn - Bernat Softee Baby works well:

600 yards main color A (White)

250 yards contrast color D (Purple)

200 yards contrast color C (Yellow)

150 yards contrast color B (Pink)

Size 6 US double pointed (dpns) and various length size 6 US circular needles (I needed a 36in length at the end)

4 stitch markers


Finished blanket measures 36 in x 36 in

Gauge – 24 sts = 4 inches in Puff Stitch

Puff Stitch Pattern (sample worked flat): Cast on 25 sts with main color A, k 1 row, P 1 row.  With contrast color, work St st for 4 rows (k1 row, p 1 row). With main color, k2, *drop & unravel next st 4 rows down, picking up st from 2nd row of main color, insert needle into st & under 4 strands of contrast color & knit, catching the loose strands of contrast color behind the st, k 3 sts. Rep from *, ending with k 2.  P 1 row in main color, then 4 rows St st in contrast color. With main color, k 4 sts & repeat drop st from above, ending with k1.  Every 6 rows = 1 Puff “stripe”. 


Remember that you will be knitting in the round, so Purl rows in the swatch will be Knit rows on the blanket.

You will begin to see that the drop takes place in the center of the puff below.  This will help you keep placement of the drop stitch positions as your stitches increase.  You will incorporate puffs when possible, but don’t worry about making puffs in the stitches closest to the corners.  You don’t want the drop sts to interfere with your increases and its less noticeable than you might think! You will be increasing 8 sts every other row, so change to circular needles as needed, increasing length to accommodate sts. 

Also, I used a right leaning lifted increase before the marker and a left leaning lifted increase after the marker, which resulted in a diagonal line between the increases that I really liked.

Blanket:  Beginning at the center with Color A and dpns, cast on 8 sts, join. K 1 rnd, then K rnd 2, increasing in each st. = 16 sts. K 1 rnd. Next rnd - place marker, *inc 1 (left leaning increase) in first st, K 2 sts, inc 1 (right leaning increase) in next st, place marker*, inc 1 (left leaning increase), repeat from * to * around = 24 sts with 4 markers in each “corner”. Increase 1 st before (right leaning increase) and after (left leaning increase) each marker on every other row, begin Puff Stitch pattern: K 4 rnds in contrast color B, with color A, begin drop stitch rnd, incorporating “puffs” when possible. (For my first “puff” rnd, I made the drop st right in the middle of my contrast color “stripe”, and used that as the guide for the remainder of the pattern.)  Continue working until you have 4 Puff “stripes” (24 rnds) in color B, cut yarn and change to color C, work 4 Puff “stripes”, then change to color D, then repeat with color B, C and D once more.

With color A, work 12 rnds of garter st (k 1 rnd, p1 rnd when worked circularly), working increases before and after each marker, bind off loosely.

The reverse side is attractive also!

Hope you have fun making this blanket!

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