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Native American Flutes


This picture is of a bass flute in the key of "D". The bass flute is a 6 hole flute. It is a low sounding, very soothing flute. Bass flutes are approximately 30 inches in length and 1½ inches in diameter. This one is made of Sunken Cypress. Bass flutes range in price from $300.00 and up, depending on type of wood and inlay.




In these  pictures  you will see a close-up of the "fetish" or working piece of each flute. The top picture features a fetish of Honduran Mahogany.  The bottom picture has a Walnut fetish.  Custom fetishes of totems or spirit guides are also available.



These pictures show some of the types of wood and stone inlay available.  The flute pictured is an F#.  The "F#" is a six hole flute approximately 22 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter. All flutes are made in the traditional Lakota Plains style and are in concert pitch. The darker wood is Honduran mahogany. The lighter wood is Sunken Cypress reclaimed from the Arkansas River by River Recovery. This Cypress was originally 500 to 1000 years old and lay in the river for over 100 years since Civil War times when they sunk barges to block river traffic. These logs were an amazing 6 feet in diameter when they were retrieved. The beautiful color variations created by lack of oxygen, sand and water current are unique to Sunken Cypress. A Letter of Authenticity documenting this comes with flutes made of Sunken Cypress. These flutes range in price from $125.00 depending on type of wood and inlay.



This picture features one of our more unique flutes.  We call it a Harmony flute.  It is similar to a Drone flute, but offers more than just the basic drone of the key that the flute is in.  The second flute plays all four bottom notes of the key in harmony with the first flute.  This flute is amazingly fun because it is virtually mistake proof.  The placement of the hands makes it impossible to make any notes that may sound sour.  It creates a sound that is like playing two flutes at the same time.  It can made to accommodate either a right or left-handed player.  The one in the picture is an F# made of Honduran Mahagony and Sunken Cypress, however, it can be custom made in any type of wood chosen.  For hours of enjoyment and the most beautiful sound ever heard, this Harmony flute cannot be surpassed.



Spirit Songs Flutes is now offering this PVC Beginner/Secondary flute. This is not your ordinary lumber yard PVC. It is a high quality polished PVC which makes for excellent acoustics and tone. It's not wood, but sounds pretty darn close. Nearly indestructable, you can throw this flute in the backseat of your car and take it anywhere without worry. Since all the notes are in harmony with each other and their are no complicated finger patterns to memorize, this flute is great for a beginner or child. We have used these flutes in elementary schools and have had 5th graders playing and making their own music within the first hour. It can also be used with the Orff system of teaching and is compatible with Orff instruments.

This flute is 16 inches long with an outside diameter of 1 inch. It is in concert pitch and can be played with other instruments. This one is a 5 holed flute in the pentatonic key of "A". It is bone in color and the fetish is vanilla. If you want an inexpensive flute that is high quality, sounds great, is easy to play, that you can take anywhere this is it!

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  1. Sunrise at Cahokia        
  2. Singing Stones
  3. River Whisper
  4. Tiptoeing On Light
  5. Cry of the Earth Mother
  6. Spirit of the Everglades
  7. Seminole Summer
  8. Heart's Stirring
  9. Gathering Thunder
  10. Prayer to the Corn Mother
  11. Canyon Dancers
  12. Blessings of the Sun
  13. Loon's Love Song ....... click here to hear this song
  14. Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow
  15. Eternity's Call
  16. Echoes at Twilight
  17. Awakening Wind
  18. The First Day
  19. Shadow of the Snow Wolf
  20. Brave Journey
  21. Walking in One Nation

We are currently offering the CD "The Colour of Brotherhood" at a price of $15.00. This is an hour long CD with strictly traditional flute only music.  Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass flutes are used to create this album.  Some of the songs are slow and meditative, while others are lively with a quick tempo.



  1. River Warrior
  2. Full Moon Mourning
  3. All About You
  4. Wolf's Lament
  5. Winter's Call
  6. Shared Path
  7. Thanks to the Father
  8. Edge of Twilight
  9. Spirit Shadow
  10. Mother Redbird
  11. Evening's Song .............click here to hear this song
  12. Call of the Spirit Guide
  13. Old Journey, New Way

Our new CD "Old Journey, New Way" is now available at a price of $15.00.  This is an hour long CD of flute duets with some songs mixed with drum, rattle, bass, and guitar.  This is an innovative approach to the traditional music and quite pleasing.



  1. Old Journey, New Way...William Worden and Sam Lester
  2. Natick...Rick Lee
  3. White Man's World...James Gordon
  4. Ira Hayes...Fred Wilson
  5. Buffalo Return To The Plains...Jimmy LaFave
  6. Return To The Northland...Susan Urban
  7. Thanks To The Father...William Worden and Sam Lester
  8. The Heart Of The Appaloosa...Tom May
  9. Renegade Blood...Jack Williams
  10. Red Wing...Rachael and Derek Linn
  11. Bird Woman...Charlie Texas
  12. Mother Redbird...William Worden and Sam Lester

We have recently been honored by the Crazy Horse Monument Committee and three of our songs are featured on their fund-raising CD.....Looking West.  This  CD is now available at a price of $15.00.  It is an hour long CD of various artisits who have donated their talents to this project.  All proceeds from the sale of this CD will go toward the completion of the Crazy Horse Monument. 


  for more info on Crazy Horse and the memorial visit 
              their website at  http://www.crazyhorse.org  

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