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Another completed team set...and a tough one off the list!!!

Posted by Ted Noonan on August 4, 2010 at 12:39 AM

This week brought the completion of my second Topps Sox team set, the 1979 edition. I'm pretty stoked about it. A through the mail return from Ross Baumgarten completed the set. A few toughies in the set were Francisco Barrios, Pablo Torrealba and the Prospect card with Mike Colbern on it... Overall it was probably an easy set to put together, but I'm pretty happy about it...


This week also brought one of the best finds I have came across. I have been dearching for a Fritz Ackley signed index card for over a year, and the two times I have came across one, it was like $75, so I always passed. Last week I got lucky and picked on up off eBay for $1.25...needless to say I was excited about that! Now only if I can find a 64T signed Ackley Sox rookies card, lol...


Also, I cheaply picked up a back signed Cy Acosta and back signed Skip Pitlock for $2, so I had some nice pickups last week...


Pictures of the 79T team set are in the "Photos" section...

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