The average life of a teenage Twilight addict


Good-day everybody and welcome to my e-portfolio. It is an  'E- portfolio' because it is on the Internet. So there.

I do a lot of Graphical work at school as well as spending my spare time drawing manga style pictures and writing stories, both fanficiton and original. Here I will either post my work or links to my work. If you know I've done something and it's not here, please let me know!







I like to make things. It's a 'me' thing to do. Here's some of the things I've made:


  • A bag I made. Long ago. 
  • A more recent Rocket ship necklace.
  • My first ever Craft swap: (Twilight, of course) Group Shot:

    Note from Miles Airlines that apologizes to Mrs. Cullen for loosing her luggage and including a special gift to make up for it. 

    Cullen Crest bag (sparkly!) and temporary tattoos.

    Apple ipod cozy, iron on transfers, Volturi necklace and a clock made from a CD.
    Closeup of the clock:

    All the tattoos spread out:

    And last but not least:
    A Forks High t-shirt (front)
  • One Tiny Star Trek thing swap: (Earrings)
    They're very lightweight and very shiny. :)
  • One Tiny Twilight thing: Ipod nano Hoodie and Tree of life Pendant Keyring in the style of the Forks High hoodies;

  • Second Twilight big swap: First, a group shot the letter:

    A tank top with a quote on the front and a wolf design. One of the corners is turned over so that you can see on the back there is a wolf and it says 'Team Jacob':

    A top with a Jacob quote on the front and the pack tattoo on the sleeve:

    Handpainted trinket box, anklet and beaded apple choker:

    A cute wolfy ears hat, a wall plaque with a wolf painted on it in the shape of a J for Jacob, and a red crochet hat (it looks orange in the pic, but it's red!):

    An Edward and Bella cd clock. I love this!!

    A Twilight book box thingy, and some notepaper:

    A Freehanded tote bag with a quote and a picture of Rosalie: 

    On the back is a picture of a 'pile of ashes':


11th July 2008- links to pre-pubished internet work

Well people, below are the links to my works already online.


Other works