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- The Space Pirate Log RPG
Before the release of Metroid Prime 2, there was a post on the message boards to "create your own space pirate logs".  Eventually, more and more unique members of the Space Pirates were introduced, and the logs began to become intertwined.  It finally evolved into a full-blown RPG following the Space Pirates' exploits throughout the galaxy.  Due to the amount of original characters, I'm keeping a list of bios here.

- Warlord Lhunthangion
Character Author:  Lhunthangion

- John Crowe

Character Author:  Lhunthangion

Real Name: Prey Koga
Race: Half human / Half vampire / slightly robotic
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 140 Ibs
Build: Rather average build
Eye Color: Brown
Rank: Captain throughout many different clans / forces.
Age: 23
Hair: Extremely dark brown hair (short) with blonde highlights.
Distinguishing Marks: He has many scars not visable on his body, due to the many operations he's had.
*Bio: (His bio will unfold as the Origins take place)
Appearence: He wears a dark-green (U.S. Navy Issued) Foul Weather jacket. Upon his belt, lay a bull-whip, a DL-44 Blastech Blaster Pistol, modified Swiss Army Knife, and his trusty Blue-Bladed Lightsaber. On his back, is the Sword of Wind. How he aquired this sword, he does not remember. He wears a pair of faded blue jeans, as well as a pair of brown combat boots. Hidden in his left ear, is a codec, which he uses to communicate to his teams if all other communication has failed or is considered a high-risk. Upon his eyes he wears a special visor, that can have the same effects as night-vision, and black lighting.

- Fuse

Character Author:  Lhunthangion

Name:  Fusion Man X

- Socran

Character Author:  Socran

Name:  Daniel Son

- Narcos Sclera
Character Author:  Socran

- Epros
Character Author:  Socran

- Max Harker

Character Author:  Socran

Name:  Maximillian Harker

- Sonata
Character Author:  Chameleon (left to Socran)

- Chameleon

Character Author:  ChameleonX4D

Name:  Chameleon (True name unknown)
Description:  Varies.  Usually takes the form of a lizard-man, due to the similarities between his shape-changing and a chameleon's ability to blend in with its environment.
Bio:  A philandering, 1000 year old creature of unknown origin.  He appeared to hit on Kagura mere weeks after Crono's disappearance, but eventually gave up and went back to harassing the girls he had conned into working on his space cruiser, the Delphinus.  Chameleon finally redeemed himself for his lewd acts when he sacrificed himself to drag FATE into a black hole.  He hasn't been seen since, though it is believed that he was kept alive by the Dreamstone he had been carrying, and still waits in the space between dimensions.

Socran's note:  ChameleonX4D left the logs entirely.  It seems he reached a creative slump, and didn't feel like pushing past it.

- Crono Flame

Character Author:  crono007/Cronus_Magnum

Full Name:  Crono Sylpheed Magnum
Race: Terran Shadow Demon
Rank: Flame (Top rank of FLAME, the anti-n00b strike force)
Age: 22 (Before initial death, more explained in bio)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: "Normal" mode: 176 Lbs., 100%: appr. 239 tons
Eyes: Black orbs with a ring of flames for the irises.
Hair: Short, Red hair, Spiked back and up.
Build: Average human
Distinguishing Marks: Scars on his palms in the shape of ancient elemental runes.
Bio: Crono began his carrer with the Space Pirates almost on a whim. Naraku and Kagura had come to earth in search of the Shikon Jewel and offered a reward to anyone that could deliver it. After a week of searching, Crono joined the pirate, delivered the remaining 3/4 of the jewel and requested a date with Kagura.

Kagura accepted and thus began a relationship that lasts to this day. Soon after the date, Naraku put a ban on all romantic relationships within the Pirate Corps. This ban did nothing to stop the feelings between Crono and Kagura, who were by that time trainees in the newly formed anti-n00b group FLAME, being led by Sergei Ianavich, a.k.a Agent Flame. Sergei empathized with the two and secretly caused interferance in the security system so they could be together.

Soon after that, Naraku became angry and had Crono killed. When he was killed, Dr. Betruger, a scientist for FLAME at the time, gathered his body and used it for some experiments involving a sample of the T-Virus. Dr. Betruger then called Naraku in to his lab so he could unveil Dr. Betruger's "Latest Creation". When Crono was unvieled, his mind snapped back to the last thing he remembered, the murder.

Crono immediatly struck out at both men in the room. The insuing battle destroyed the entire Lab wing of the base and left Naraku hurt and embarresed. Soon after, He lifted the relationship ban and returned Crono to his original body.

After the "Betruger Incident" Crono trained long and hard, until both he and Kagura were promoted to Agent level. Then came the day that Crono would never forget. While Crono was training, Agent Flame went off on a mission to destroy the n00bs for good. He entered the n00b-homeworld, Area 402, and contact was lost. The last transmission received had been choppy and most of the audio was gunshots, but it was clearly heard that Sergei Ianavich "Hereby bequethed the Highest rank of Flame to Crono and Kagura". After the transmission ended, a large explosion registered on the orbiting sensors.

After Sergei's death, Crono and Kagura decided to become married. On the day of the wedding, Crono went to pay his respects to Sergei at Area 402. When he arrived he came face to face with the creature that had ended Sergei's carrer, a horrid monilth of broken grammer and numbers that would later become known as "the n00b c0r3". It summoned an 0/\/\fg G@|_|r|)!@|\| which fired a strange weapon that flung Crono into a portal to a diffrent world. After what had been an untold number of years for Crono, he re-emerged on a planet far away from the base and six months late for the wedding. The rest is, as they say, history...

- Sergeant Hegehog

Character Author:  Angry Yellow Hegehog

Name: John Hegehog
Age: 17
Species: Yellow Mobian Hedgehog
Homeworld: Mobius
Height: 5'8
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Colour: Yellow
Eye Colour: Green
Clothing: Grey trousers, black jacket, black trenchcoat.
Occupation: Soldier of the Space Pirate Military, member of Star Fox
Rank: Sergeant
Weapons: Lightsaber, Star Fox Blaster
Vehicles: Arwing, Landmaster, Metal Gear Rex

Father: General James Hegehog, General of the Space Pirate Military.
Mother: Suzy Hegehog, deceased.
Brother: Captain Sam Hegehog, deceased.

Background: John Hegehog was born in a peaceful village on the planet Mobius. His parents were both members of the Mobian Military: his father James was a high ranking General. His mother Suzy was a skilled fiend medic. His brother Sam, John's senior by 7 years, was a new recruit. They lived a tranquil life until, 14 years ago, N00bs attacked Mobius.

James and Suzy hid John in a closet and fought their best to repel the N00bs, but they were soon captured and taken to the very first prototype N00b Star, where they were tortured night and day, but they refused to give up the secrets behind the Mobian Military. Suzy soon perished.

John stumbled out of the house to look for his family, and was discovered by an underground resistance movement against the N00bs. Sam had escaped during the carnage, and was found a group of Cerinians who came to survey the damage. They took him to the planet Cerinia, home of the girl who would eventually become Star Fox's Telepath, Krystal. They became good friends, and did almost everything together.

John was put through years of training, and showed remarkable endurance and concentration. Years later, he helped a squad of rebels foil the plans of the Torizo warlord Torank, and thus was promoted to Corporal. Soon after he heard the news that Cerinia had been obliterated by an unknown force. He hoped that Sam had survived.

Socran's note:  Hegehog is easily the most hyperactive member of the Space Pirates.  His title of "Sergeant" is not an actual rank, but he doesn't seem to care about that.  His power obviously isn't in question, as he almost single-handedly stopped many n00b assaults, though his execution is quite sloppy.  This usually ends up for the better, of course, as he would otherwise steal all of our kills.  Interestingly, he thinks of the Torizo as a seperate race from the Chozo. 

- PsyBlade

Character Author:  bladescypsy

Name: PsyBlade
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Cruiser Weight
Build: Thin but in a healthy way
Eyes: Normal:Black with tiny red dots for pupils, Casting Magic: Purple through and through, Angry or Casting High Level Magic: Bright Glowing Purple
Clothing: Black Star Wars type outfit with a 'half cape' coming off the waist (See one of KotOR II's adviser outfits) (is designed for regeneration and minimizing standard melee damage)
Weapons: Dual wields Lightsabers. Right Hand: Purple, has a KotOR II <yourname> crystal (neutral maxed), and is designed to deflect blaster bolts; Left Hand: Red, has a crystal that adds regeneration, otherwise designed to deflect blaster bolts. Has two basic Star Wars pistols for backup weapons.
Powers: Take all magic in FF1-FFX2 (that means FFX and its sequel), KH, a few other games, the force powers available in KotOR II, and any non-species-specific technique used in DB/Z/GT, and you've only just begun to know Psy's powers
Abilities: PsyBlade has a number of abilities that are melee, magic, and Force oriented. The deadliest allow him to dual wield weapons without penalty and use loooonnnng combos.

Anything not already copywritten is ©Danny Greening

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