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Danny was born on the planet Socratus, but for unknown reasons he ended up on the Earth of an alternate Dragonball universe.  He was found by old man Gohan exactly seven years after Goku, in the exact same spot (they had gone there as a sort of anniversary).  He was raised as Goku's younger brother, which Gohan suspected may have been true due to the fact that he also had a tail.  The course of Dragonball went along relatively normally, with him initially being rejected from Master Roshi's training and being too young to fight in the first (21st) and second (22nd) World Martial Arts Tournaments.  Eventually, he decided to take a more active role and challenged the Evil King Piccolo, who easily defeated him but accidentally left him alive.  After Goku defeated Picollo, he went to train with Piccolo Junior, and finally attended the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament wearing a gi with the Japanese symbol for demon on the back.  He claimed that he was tired of being treated like a weakling, and sold his loyalty to Piccolo in exchange for power.  He defeated Krillin in the preliminaries, and wound up facing Piccolo in the tournament.  At this point, he revealed that the true reason for his betrayal was to try to awaken the good within Piccolo's heart by being his friend practically from the moment he was born.  Piccolo took this as a betrayal and eventually defeated him, though he couldn't kill him (allegedly because then he couldn't proceed to fight Goku).  After the tournament, Danny mysteriously disappeared, having been sucked into another dimension by the Dragonball universe's wish to keep Piccolo from changing his ways before meeting Gohan (essentially, trying not to change the course of fate).  After spending several years wandering through the dimensions, one of them including an alternate Chrono Trigger where he learns to control his magic, he returns to his "home" dimension just in time to occupy Vegeta and Nappa as they wait for Goku.  Having lost all the power he gained in the other dimensions, he quickly loses to Nappa.  Later, Guru reawakens his magic power, after which he surprises Vegeta by using Burning Soul to gain the upper hand against Jeice, though he eventually loses.  He returns to wandering the dimensions again after Frieza is defeated, and comes back just as the others set off to find the androids mentioned by Trunks.  At this point it's obvious that less time has passed for him than the others.  He remains weak throughout the Cell Saga, but eventually asks to be the first to fight Cell.  He claims that if he can't last ten seconds against Perfect Cell, he'll never be able to save "her" (Schala from Chrono Trigger, whom he feels responsible for).  He transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time while giving his dramatic speech, and lasts seven minutes, which he originally thinks is seven seconds.  He goes off into the dimensions again when Cell is defeated, this time returning two years prior to the Buu Saga with an alternate Schala in tow.  When Buu is waiting for Goten and Trunks to finish training, he offers to keep him occupied.  He transforms into a Super Socran at the beginning of the fight, and then eventually a Super Socran 2.  Buu still defeats him, though, and sends him flying to the ground from the lookout.  Schala rushes after him to help, sparing both of them from Buu's candy binge after escaping from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.  They fight Buu together before his rematch with Gohan, Schala having learned martial arts from the two years spent with Danny and the rest of Goku's family.  Schala is eventually absorbed, and Danny shows up just before Goku and Vegeta fuse in order to take his revenge.  Buu almost kills him, but Vegito is born just in time to save him.  Buu decides it's pointless to search for Danny after Vegito is absorbed, and he survives to watch Goku finally defeat Kid Buu.  He returned to a life of relative peace after that, although he still wanders through the dimensions whenever he sees another gate open up, beckoning him to adventure.

Anything not already copywritten is ©Danny Greening

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