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- Proper Logging
Recently, several new people have joined the Space Pirate Log RPG.  Unfortunately, some of the newer loggers have a bit of trouble clarifying logs, making character interaction quite difficult.  This section of the site is dedicated to teaching new loggers the proper etiquette of logging, as well as most other forms of RPGs.

- Clear and Unerstandable Logs

The most important aspect of a log is readability.  If people can't understand your log, there's no way for them to interact.  As an example, I've posted one of the most difficult to understand logs that wasn't mere trolling, and followed with my own (though imperfect) version of the same log.

OOC: ALL I SAY IS TRUE if you don't bevie me ask a player called rovledrone hes in the SFadv broeds :p

to start
log one: megaman2334 Part1
In space we see a ship...a ship thats looks like the great fox but.. with two big *** guns on the bottom and its red..
inside we see a fox thats looks like fox but with a sar across hes face....and we see a man a jedi master teaching the ways if the jedi to the fox.....then an offcer comes in..
offcer: SIR the got something!!!'!!
mega: DAMN IT i said no come in the room when im TRANING!
offcer: sorry....
???: well we will start agin tomarwo but what did yall get?
offcer:...the great fox.
mega:.....where is it?
offcer: Crateria.
mega: get the OMEGA FOX there.
offcer: YES SIR.
the offcer goes out..
???: well we maet need to go the command...
mega: yes we will MEGAMAN.
in command
mega: when will we get there?
offcer: in 1 day
mega: fine (to megaman) so i'll meet my BRO agin...
megaman: (nods)

OOC: megaman is my KOTOR player and my info will be posted in part2 :p
i hope yall liked it ^_^

This was my response, containing advice for more than just megaman2334.

OOC: Actually, megaman, I'm not that surprised that Hegehog hasn't mentioned your arrival yet, since I had to read through it about 3 times to figure out what's going on. I'd suggest clarifying a bit before moving onward with the plot. You can do things with your own style, so long as you choose a clear style, but here's an example of how I might have told it.

Log One: megaman2334 Part 1

*A ship drifts through space. It looks almost like the Great Fox, only it's red and has two huge guns on the bottom. Inside, a Jedi Master is training someone who looks just like Fox McCloud, only with a scar across his face*

Officer: *Walks in* Sir, we found something!

Scarred Fox: Dammit, I told you not to come in while I'm training!

Jedi Master: That's okay, Mega, we'll start again tomorrow. What did y'all get?

Officer: The Great Fox is at Crateria.

Mega: Get the Omega Fox down there!

Officer: Yes sir! *Leaves*

Jedi Master: Well, we might need to go to the command deck.

Mega: Yes we will, megaman. (OOC: Do you want that capitalized? Because it seems like one of those names that isn't even capitalized at the beginning of the sentence. I'll just assume it is for this example)

*The two proceed to the command deck, where the officer is waiting for them*

Mega: When will we get there?

Officer: It should only take about a day.

Mega: Fine. *Turns to megaman* Then I'll get to see my bro again.

OOC: Like I said, this is done in my particular style. Most minor details, like putting descriptive * lines instead of mere "something happens" are just because that's how I do it. However, you'll notice certain other things that make the log MUCH clearer, not the least of which is proper spelling and grammar (though I'm sure I've slipped up more than once). You'll also notice that I didn't refer to the fox as Mega until someone in the logs did. This is very important to avoid confusion. Other things that I'd recommend but aren't completely necessary include removing entire lines that consist merely of ".......". Obviously, these are your logs with your unique style, but try not to make it look like a giant run-on sentence. That style is reserved for the n00bs (not to be confused with newbies like yourself. The n00bs are the Space Pirates' sworn enemies, under the command of the Vile Lord Gates. Of course, if you'd like for your characters to be the bad guys, you could always join the n00bs, but I'm not implying that you should).

Anything not already copywritten is ©Danny Greening

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