Survivors Stories Part (2)

Received from "Manuel Mallia" - April 2008.
Congratulations on the setting up of the website on the MV. SKAUBRYN.
My sister Kathleen has sent me the attached cutting from a Sydney newspaper soon after they arrived in Sydney
after the ordeal on the Skaubryn which sunk on 1st April 1958.
The paragraph in the " old" newspaper reads; MR and MRS JOHN MUSCAT a young Maltese couple were married in Malta
on January 26th "Autstralia Day " they said proudly.
They set out in the Skaubryn to make their new home in Sydney. But Mrs Muscat arrived with her tanned hands bare of rings
her wedding and diamond engagement rings were left in the burning ship. "There was no time to get them ", she said.
You may wish to include the attached photo and information in your website. Regards. Emanuel Robert Mallia.

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