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Date: Thu Jun 10 2004
Welcome to all visitors.
I started this Website about the Skaubryn disaster of April 1958 so that any survivors or relatives of those unfortunate migrants who experiened the frightening days of that time can view the photos displayed here and read about the event.
I would greatly appreciate any input towards the Site.
Thanking you in advance. William.
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Date: Wed Jun 30 2004
Ken, All Guestbook Entries are displayed here. This is the Guestbook.
Name: Ken Postma - Email: ****
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004
Thank you Bill, Kees.
Name: Tom Restall - Email: ****
Date: Sat Jun 12 2004
Good to recount this story ...Bill.
Name: Mark Caruana - Email: ****
Date: Thu Jun 17 2004
Bill, The website is shaping up nicely.
The map is spot-on, the icing on the cake, so to speak!
Name: Ken Postma - Email: ****
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004
Nice translation of the story of Brigitte Sanden out of the German language, Bill.
Name: Ken Postma - Email: ****
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004
Bill where you put the sunk Skaubryn now is in the gulf of Aden which I think is correct. The red sea only comes down to the narrows.
Name: Visitor - Email: **** Date: Mon Oct 04 2004
Thank you for the Site
Name: Michael - Email: ****
Date: Sun Oct 17 2004
I sailed on the SS Skaubryn as a child in May 1953 from Bremerhaven to Canada.
Name: Tony Cox - Email: ****
Date: Sun Oct 17 2004
Great Web page Dad. xx
Name: Susan - Email: ****
Date: Sun Nov 14 2004
Hello there! I came to Canada in September 1957 on the SS Skaubryn. I was 11 at the time.
After dropping off several Hungarian refugees and American troops at Montreal, we took the boat train to Toronto. The boat docked in Quebec City and continued to Australia.
I believe for not everybody got off the ship. Months later we learned that it caught fire on it's way to Australia. The ship was crowded but not overly so.
For me it was a great adventure. My brother was seasick the whole time and my mother tended to him....I was left to my own pleasures making friends with many people.
My father had come six months previously and was waiting for us in Toronto. I will never forget the trip.
My elderly mom (now 84) and I were just talking about it when my husband suggested that I go online to find out further info on what happened!.
All the best, Susan Reynolds
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Date: Wed Nov 17 2004
Hi Susan. Many thanks for your nice and interesting story about your journey on the ship.
We always talk about how lucky we were to survive from that disaster.
If you happen to have a photo of the ship when you was on it and you want it shown here you can email it to me.
I shall include it in the Site. Thanks again. William.
Name: Eyvin Eriksen - Email: ****
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004
i was one of the crew onbord m/s Skaubryn the day in1958
Name: Sonjia Lovewick - Email: ****
Date: Thu Dec 02 2004
searching for record
Name: Paul Barnes - Email: ****
Date: Mon Dec 13 2004
I was a passenger on the Skaubryn when it caught fire.
Aged 11yrs in company with my mother Nellie Barnes (now deceased). What memories!!!
Name: Paul Barnes - Email: ****
Date: Mon Dec 13 2004
I was a passenger on the Skaubryn when it caught fire.
Then aged 11yrs in company with my mother Nellie Barnes (now deceased). What memories!!!
I do have a photo of myself and my mother on board the Roma, taken soon after we transhiped from the 'City of Sydney',
the first ship to arrive at the scene. I also have other memorabilia - press clippings, brochures, even a piece of one of the ship\'s biscuits retrieved from a lifeboat.
Would welcome any contact with other survivors.
Name: Andy Isaac - Email: ****
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004
I had an eventful trip in the Skaubryn in August, 1957, emigrating to Canada.
We set sail from Liverpool, my wife, three children and mother-in law. In mid-Atlantic the engines stopped and the lights went out.....
"The shape Of Things To Come" ? Fortunately the sea was calm, the engines were restarted a few hours later and we made it to Canada, docking at Quebec City.
I may be wrong , but I understand her fatal voyage was her very next trip.
Name: Claudia Dixon - Email: ****
Date: Tue Jan 25 2005
my family migrated from Germany leaving Bremerhaven in Dec? 1954 and arriving in Sydney on 12th January 1955.
Does anyone have any information on this voyage e.g. number of passengers, info from the voyage.
I realise for my family it is now 50 years since we landed time to celebrate.
Name: Claudia Dixon - Email: ****
Date: Tue Jan 25 02005
my family migrated to Australia arriving in Jan 1955 I was 6 and this journey was a great adventure. Any stories on this journey??
Name: Michael (golinu) Cutajar - Email: ****
Date: Mon Apr 18 2005
I was 17 years of age, that trip will be with me forever.
Being so young then, all I thought was to how I can help the children and the elderly being put in the life boats,
I was one of the last to leave the ship with my best friend (baskal) now passed away, by going down the rope ladder into one of the overcrowded lifeboats.
Name: Marie Louise Kreffl - Email: ****
Date: Sun Apr 24 2005
I was just 3 yrs old when in 1952 I was bound for Melbourne from Rome - this being Skaubryn's maiden voyage.
By all acounts and from what my parents told me this ocean liner was superbly built and most luxurious -
I have many B&W snaps to prove it even though I can\'t recollect much about the journey except that I was one of the few who didn't suffer seasickness.
The next time I heard about this beautiful ship was that it had sunk, ravaged by fire.
In memory of this wonderful vessel which for 6 years safely assisted many imigrants into this beautiful country.
Thankyou Skaubryn!
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Date: Tue Apr 26 2005
To every visitor to my Guestbook
Many thanks for your contributions. Your stories and memories of the ship and your voyages make very interesting reading,
If you like to e-mail me a couple of photos I shall post them in the Site. Thanks.
Name: Richard Gass - Email: ****
Date: Mon May 23 2005
I am looking for my grandfather and grandmother who sailed in 1957 to Australia and I am trying to find the passanger list for my father.
Name: Michael Moch - Email: ****
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005
My Mother and Father were on the ill-fated voyage on the Skaubryn. They arrrived and settled in Adelaide and they are still here going strong.
They have many newspaper clippings of there arrival in Adelaide as they were the 1st group of survivors to arrive.
Their stories of the journey still interest me to this day. I only came across this site recently after telling my own daughter of her grandparents' adventures.
My parents came over to settle in Australia from Germany after getting married in Feb. 1958. Hope this story was of interest to anyone.
Name: Julie Schembri - Email: **** BR>Date: Mon Sep 05 2005
Please send me a copy of the Guest Book of Skaubryn; I was a passenger, 13years old. Thank you
Julie Schembri.
Name: MARIE BRADFORD - Email: ****
Date: Mon Nov 28 2005
Name: William - your Webmaster - Email: billcox(@)
Date: Tue Nov 29 2005
Many thanks for your messages.William
Name: Viv Considine - Email: ****
Date: Thu Dec 22 2005
Hi all, I've only just learned of the name of the ship that we as Danes, emigrated on in 1956 to Australia.
We docked in Melbourne, Australia November 15. I was 15 months old and my sister was 4 months at the time.
Brave Parents! From Melbourne a large group of Danes took the train to Adelaide to settle. There are still a few original migrants left, the youngest is now 49 years old.
Name: Kim Cilia - Email: ****
Date: Mon Jan 02 2006
Dear William.
My mother and father in-law were on the Skaubryn and were wondering if there was going to be another reunion like the one like that was held on the 24th of March 1996.
If you could send me a E-mail on this subject it would be appreciated.
My in-laws names names are Doris and Savior Cilia.
Name: Bernt Jontvedt - Email: ****
Date: Tue Feb 14 2006
hello, interesting reading about the ship M/S Skaubryn.
My father was the Chief Engineer onboard during the fire. I have some pictures from the boat and the fire.
Name: John Chircop - ****
Date: Thu Feb 23 2006
Hi...Just found this interesting site, after my grandmother went into more info on how she arrived in Australia.
She was on the ship form Germany with her 6 children, my grandmother 8 months pregnant with my Mother. Great stories of those who survived.
Name: Johann Faber - Email: ****
Date: Mon Feb 27 2006
We arrived at Fremantle on the 26th March 1956 onboard the Skaubryn. This March will be our 50th anniversary in Australia.
To mark the occasion we are having a family reunion. The only one missing will be my father no longer alive.
Is anyone out there who came to Australia on the same voyage?
Name: William Your Webmaster - Email: billcox(@)
Date: Tue Feb 28 2006
Thanks for your entries. I have a few more photos that I shall be adding.
Also, I am obtaining a list of all the Maltese migrants / passengers that were on the ship on that fateful day in 1958.
My brother in law Tony Calleja was one of the passengers. He celebrated his 84th birthday yesterday in Melbourne.
Any one wishing to have his/her photos added here, please just email a copy to me. Thanks.
Name: Annaisse NOVAK - Email: ****
Date: Wed Mar 15 2006
I came to Australia on the Skaubryn in about January or February of 1951 when I was just one year old. My parents names were: Radisav and Dolores VUKADINOVIC.
My first name was Ines at that time. When we arrived, my mother was taken to Greenvale Sanitorium because she had tuberculosis.
My father and I were placed in the Bonegilla Migrant Camp where he ran the canteen for about 3 years. I have some photos of us on the ship and also at the camp.
I would love to hear from ANYONE who might remember us.
And also, I would like to be added to any reunion list that might exist - both for the former passengers of the Skaubryn, and for Bonegilla inmates.
PS: I went to a wedding reception in the mid 90's at the Swedish Club (might have been the Norwegian club, I'm not sure) and was astonished to
find a 1.5 metre replica of the SS Skaubryn, in case anyone would like to go see it.
Thank you SO MUCH for this website. Annaisse
Name: William 'Your Webmaster' - Email: billcox(@)
Date: Wed Mar 15 2006
Hello Annaisse. Thanks for your interesting message. Can you please tell us where the Swedish / Norwegian Club is situated. Is it in Melbourne or Sydney?
Many Thanks. Bill.
Name: Ben Van Der Waag - Email ****
Date: Mon Apr 03 2006
I was an immigrant to the U.S in 1956, I was 9 years old and we came from Rotterdam, Holland to Hoboken New Jersey by way of Halifax, Canada.
I do remember the ship going dead in the water in the middle of the night and staying without power for about 4 hours.
I must say that looking at the ship brings back many memories. Thank you for the web site.
Name: Hendrika - Email: ****
Date: Sun Apr 23 2006
Hello William.. I was on the MS Skaubryn with my family, Sept 1956..I was actually crowned queen of the ship at age 10 because I wore the national Dutch dress
to a childrens party and the captain thought that would be the best. But I see nothing is mentioned of the ship going from NL to NYC.
I only have one picture of myself, my mom and two others on the deck in front of the smoke stack.
I did have much more but lost over the years, although in storage I do have the passenger list book. Thanks for all you have here..I too heard that it sank, sorry to say.
Now I see it's a big cargo ship, my current boyfriend is an engineer on a cargo ship as well. Hendrika Overkleeft
Name: Peter - Email: ****
Date: Sun Jul 30 2006
My family, that is my mum, dad, sister and I arrived in Sydney on 12 January 1995 aboard the Skaubryn
Name: Peter Kannengiesser - Email: ****
Date: Sun Aug 06 2006
I made a mistake when saying arriving in Sydney in 1995 that should read 12 January 1955!!
The voyage of the Skaubryn originated on 8 December 1954 at Bremerhaven, where the ship was berthed in front of the SS "United States",
somewhat larger than Skaubryn, a quick stop at Port Said, two days in Great Bitter Lake (Suez Canal - a ship had run aground) then Colombo
for a few hours (tropical downpour) crossing the equator 31 December 1954, arriving Fremantle 6 January 1955(?) and finally Sydney on 12 January.
That night it was by train to Greta Camp. On our voyage the ship lost power on five occasions. Hope someone else will recall this trip
Name: Gretha Stoffer - Email: ****
Date: Sat Aug 12 2006
Hi my name is Gretha Stoffer or Rita as they call me here in Canada. We were also on the Skaubryn but we traveled on it in September of 1956 from Holland to Halifax Canada.
Apparently the Skaubryn traveled there for 2 years. We traveled with 8 of us mother father and 6 children.
I was very excited to see these pictures and to read the unfortunate outcome of the Skaubryn.
I was 7 years old and so only have a select bit of memory but do remember the hospital where I was confined to for a time because of Asthma.
I also had an older brother and sister and twin brothers younger than me and also a baby brother. They opened up a day care to keep us kids from running around.
My mother also told me that the ship hands were mostly German and that the boat was from Norway.
I am pleased to have found this sight and read the stories of those poor people who had to abandon ship and spend the night at sea. I wish you all the best. Gretha Stoffer
Name: Gerry Smolders - Email: ****
Date: Thu Sep 14 2006
Thanks Bill - I have just had a quick visit - but have posted it on my favourites and will definitly have a closer look.
"); Name: Gerry Smolders - Email: ****
Date: Thu Sep 14 2006
Dear Bill - Interesting story on the "Skaubryn" - I had not heard of the SS Orsova being involved but the "Johan van Oldenbarnevelt\" (JVO)certainly was.
Obviously a number of ships were involved?
Name: Ursula Bruce - Email: ****
Date: Fri Sep 15 2006
Hi. I just discovered your site a couple of days back. I was given a book written by a local lady here,
Therese Sterndale of Port Macquarie, NSW, called "Australia is Calling".
She writes of truelife stories regarding German women & their immigration to Australia immediatley after the war years.
Here the MS Skaubryn was mentioned on several occassions. Also my family, mother, father, 2 sisters, myself ( 4yrs.old) & younger brother,
arrived in Australia on the Skaubryn, 1954.I have no recall of the trip. But my mother (now deceased) did tell me that there had been a fire on board the Skaubryn
& that it did sink. It's just great to discover the facts." Many thanks" to this website.
Name: Habicht Herbert - Email: ****
Date: Fri Nov 24 2006
Verließ Bremerhaven am 14 März und brannte am 31 März im Indischen Ozean
Name: Joe Cutajar - Email: ****
Date: Sun Dec 17 2006
I was interested if anyone had a guest list of the last voyage of the SS Skaybryn in 1958. I happened to be a passenger on that voyage.
Name: Kees Postma - Email: Nederlands
Date: Sun Jan 14 2007
This is what else I can remember. We had enjoyed the journey to Australia on the J.V.O. which was two thirds empty or one third full.
This changed after Aden as we took on the survivors of the Skaubryn. As my parent\'s could both speak German, my father even fluently,
they became friends with some of the surviving Germans now on board. One was a young couple hoping to start a camera shop business in Melbourne.
We were told they had a terrible time in Aden, a hot dirty dusty place. My Mother gave the woman some under garment's as it seemed she had nothing.
These people told us the Skaubryn was in constant engine trouble and not a good ship.
These Germans also told my parent\'s (I don\'t know if it is true) that because of previous engine failures the ship's owners were unable to insure the ship!
The history of the engine failures of the Skaubryn was well known in the maritime world.
This they claimed was the reason why they would not be compensated for luggage in the ship.
Name: Kees Postma - Email: Nederlands
Date: Sun Jan 14 2007
Continued to above post. The history of the engine failures of the Skaubryn was well known in the maritime world.
This they claimed was the reason why they would not be compensated for luggage in the ships hold amoung them expensive camera's now on the bottom of the Indian ocean.
In Fremantle I remember the Australian Red Cross come on board.
In one of the main lounges of the J.V.O. were mountains of clothes and I remember seeing the survivors of the Skaubryn picking out some clothes they wanted.
After Fremantle came the Great Australian Bight and a heavy storm for two or three days.
With father we went on a very windy deck and saw some of the survivers of the Skaubryn ready wearing life jackets standing next to the ships life boat's.
I thought it strange and father explained these were very scared people.
Name: William - Your Webmaster - Email: billcox(@)
Date: Sat Feb 10 2007
Received this message from Jan Philipp Sternberg - Berlin - Dated 19-01-2007
"Jan Philipp Sternberg"
Subject: Skaubryn 1958
Date: Fri 19/01/2007
Dear Mr Cox, I found your very interesting web page dedicated to the MS Skaubryn disaster in 1958. Let me introduce myself: I am a historian and journalist,
currently writing my dissertation about German emigrants in the 1950s and at the same time researching for a press story about the 50th anniversary of the Skaubryn
sinking next year for German magazines.
Is there anything planned in Australia commemorating this anniversary (i.e. reunions, meetings etc.) - and how do the Maltese and German groups remember
this event - apart or together?
It would be great for me to establish some contact to survivors - and maybe come to Australia for some interviews. I'd appreciate it very much if you could help.
Best wishes from Berlin,
Yours Jan Sternberg1 - Jan Philipp Ster
Name: Harold Weiss - Email: ****
Date: Fri Mar 02 2007
Hallo Bill. I am very glad to find this website from the MS Skaubryn.
I was a passenger when she left Bremerhaven for Australia on March 14th in 1958 on her last voyage.
Thank you very much for your very interesting website.
Name: Irene Kunz - Email: ****
Date: Sun Mar 04 2007
Hello,I just came across your website about the Skaubryn and some one did ask about dates.
My Family and I arrived on the 1st August 1954 at Station Pier Melbourne. I was 19 then and really enjoyed the Voyage.
The one thing I remember is, when entering a Port, the Skaubryn was always listing to one side, it was quite dramatic. Can anyone tell me why this was so?.
Name: Irene Kunz - Email: ****
Date: Sun Mar 04 2007
Hello again,
Is there anyone who traveled on the Skaubryn from Bremerhaven leaving on the 30/6/1954 and arrived on the 1/8/1954 in Melbourne.
It would be nice to hear from you.
Name: Nancy T. Rosema - Email: ****
Date: 20th July 2007
Dear Bill
Our family sailed to the US on the MS Skaubryn September 1956 from Rotterdam to Halifax and on to the New York Harbour.
Is there a passenger list somewhere? The web page by Reuben Goossens is amazing also.
The first photo we found had my family front and center, it was magical to see a moment in time that changed our lives forever.
It brought tears to my eyes,
I was a small child standing on a box in a little white dress watching my grandfather disappear in the harbor as we departed.
The feeling has never left me and I relived that moment when I saw the photograph. If there are any passengers out there somewhere I would love to hear from them.
Thank you, Nancy T. Rosema.

2nd Page

Name: William ~ your Webmaster
Email: billcox(at) - Date: Thu Jun 10 2004
Welcome to all visitors.
I started this Website about the Skaubryn disaster of April 1958 so that any survivors or relatives of those unfortunate migrants who experiened the frightening days
of that time can view the photos displayed here and read about the event.
I would greatly appreciate any input towards the Site.
Thanking you in advance. William.

Name: Alfred - Email: ****
Date: Sat Apr 07 2007
Can you tell me the passenger list of the last voyage of the Skaubryn from Malta to Australia please ? (somebody)

Name: Alfred Grech - Email: ****
Date: Mon May 21 2007
Bill, prosit for a wondeful coverage of the Skaubryn and its unfortunate ending.
Glad also to read that all passengers were saved.

Name: Lewis Carter - Email:****
Date: Sun Jul 15 2007
I sailed on the Skaubryn in 1957,I thought 1956 to Canada with my Mother Louisa Carter and Brother Leslie. I was 6 at the time.
I remember the smells of a foreign ship and looking over the bows (Titanic style).
Is there any Lists for those periods ??

Name: Nancy T. Rosema - Email:****
Date: Sat Jul 21 2007
Dear Bill
Our family sailed to the US on the MS Skaubryn September 1956 from Rotterdam to Halifax and on to the New York
Harbour. Is there a passenger list somewhere?
The web page by Reuben Goossens is amazing also. The first photo we found had my family front and center, it was magical to see a moment in time that changed our lives forever.
It brought tears to my eyes, I was a small child standing on a box in a little white dress watching my grandfather disappear in the harbour as we departed.
The feeling has never left me and I relived that moment when I saw the photograph. If there are any passengers out there somewhere I would love to hear from them.
Thank you. Nancy T. Rosema

Name: Uwe Haselau (Ernst) - Email:**** Date: Sun Aug 26 2007
Hi Bill, love the site. My family and I came over on the Skaubryn, left from Bremerhafen Germany sometime in December 1957 not sure the exact date, was only seven at the time.
Arrived at Melbourne January 21st 1958. I remember my stepfather having to work down in the engine room with other passengers to bale water out.
There where numerous breakdowns and the ship was on a permanent list to one side, taking six weeks to get here.
Besides all that, had a great time on the ship. Would like more information on that particular trip please.
All the best to all. Uwe

Name: Claudia Dixon nee Gruene - Email:****
Date: Sat Sep 01 2007
Wonderful, fantastic, informative, emotional... a few words to describe this compilation of stories and memories.
I too arrived on the Skaubryn. We left Bremerhaven in Dec 1954 and arrived in Pyrmont Sydney 12/1/1955.
I remember the journey fondly - Christmas, English lessons, German lessons using the Fibel (a German reader) my mother brought with us, the crossing of the Equator,
I also won a HUGE life size teddy during the trip. On our arrival in Sydney. We were sent to Greta Hostel - very hot and very different.

Name: Jo Hansch - Email:****
Date: Fri Oct 19 2007
I was a passenger on the Skaubryn in 1953 and would love to access some of the information you had on this website but unfortunately the links no longer work.
Is there a new site to access them.? Thanks. Jo

Name: William Rameau - Email:****
Date: Thu Jan 10 2008
What an interesting site can anyone help ?
I arrived at 7 years of age with my sister and parents in Sydney March 1951. I am trying to locate a passenger list for that voyage
Kind Regards Bill Rameau.

Name: Julie Schembri - Email: ****
Date: Tue Jan 22 2008
Excellent Site

Name: Paul Koker - Email:****
Date: Sun Mar 02 2008< BR>Hi William. The link to the MV Roma is how I got here. The Roma was not scrapped, but is still sailing. From 1948 - 1952 she was the MV Roma, and then became known as the Franca C.
In 1977 she was sold to GBA, and is still sailing as the MV Doulos.
Check out the site:
Cheers Paul

Name: Claudio - Email: ****
Date: Mon Mar 24 2008
Gday William, I have recently started a family tree on my mothers side and have discovered that my mother (Gerdi), grandmother (Gertrude Whalen)
and uncle (Dieter Niendieker) were on-board the Skaubryn when it caught on fire.
The stories she tells me, the vivid memory of her nine year old mind, make me feel very lucky to be here. I'm currently getting more info. on it as I can but my Grandmother has passed,
so I only have my mother and uncle for first hand info.
P.S she tells me the crewhand who went into the engine room to switch the valve off whilst on fire ended up in her lifeboat badly burnt, which is where my Grandmother took care of him (God bless her soul).
She also tells of horror stories in Aden, how the hospital was the only safe place to stay.
You were on your own if you went out the doors, in most cases people did, some never coming back.
She tells of people diving overboard and some not making it (was their more than one fatality?).
She also remembers a time when she witnessed two Arab (continued)

Name: William 'Webmaster' - Email:**** Date: Tue Mar 25 2008
Thank you Claudio for your Story. It sure was a small miracle that all of them survived.

Name: Carmen Chetcuti - Email:****
Date: - Wed Apr 02 2008
Good job for this excellent site. I'm from Birzebbugia and know your sisters at the old Primary School.
Beside that in the year 1972 my husband, me and a daughter of 3yrs left to Australia on the Accille Lauro. We lived there 5yrs. and came back to Malta.
So thats why I enjoyed reading this site cause you bring so much memories. Thanks alot. Keep it up and all the best.

Name: - Silvana Losco - Email:****
Date: Sun Apr 20 2008
I found this site on your letter to The Times of Malta dated April 2nd - The Skaubryn tragedy -
Came to look it up and read with great interest, about what happened on that day in 1958 when I was just 2 years old. I do not have any relatives in Australia however I am Maltese.
Well done for the site. History must not be forgotten.

Name: FRED MENKE - Email:****
Date: Wed Apr 30 2008
Dear everyone, I was a migrant passenger on the JVO with my family, on the April 1958 passage that picked up many of the unfortunate souls at Aden.
I was 11 at the time,and this year (4th May),we are celebrating 50 years since our arrival at Station Pier in Melbourne.
We the children are the ones who benefitted most from the major upheaval of our parents.
No regrets in the land of plenty

Name: Janet Gladston - Email: ****
Date: Tue Jul 15 2008
My parents and brother and I returned from Australia in 1957 on the Skaubryn, my brother Stephen Sparrow found your website,
I am in process of clearing my loft so will let you know if I find any menus or other bits of info.

Name: William - Webmaster - Email:****
Date: Fri Jul 18 2008
Hi Janet You are most welcome. Any small items related to the Skaubryn Story are most appreciated.

Name: Alfred Ellul - Email:****
Date: Mon Jul 21 2008
I was a 16 year old passenger from Zejtun on that last voyage in 1958. Thank you for these photos -
I am in the photo of the group of men taken in Aden. It has bought back many memories.

Name: Elisabeth Wheate - Email:****
Date: Sat Nov 22 2008
my father and I were on board the Skaubryn in 1954 and docked in Sydney. I have one photo of myself and another child, taken on board.
Many years later I was a stewardess on the Ocean Monarch and my husband and I came down from Singapore in 1974 on the Fedor Shalyapin.

Name: purser G.Sengstock - Email:****
Date: Thu Feb 26 2009
Greetings to saved passengers. I kindly wait for any informtation how your life went on after arrival in Aden.
After two days in Aden I got Order to go back to Bremerhaven. Kindly Georg S, Now in Lueneburg, Germany

Name: Klaus D. Vogtmann - Email: ****
Date: Sat Apr 25 2009
Hello William John Cox. It is a lovely website that you have created here, I only came across it by looking in Google after talking to friends about the M/S Skaubryn .
We/ Our whole family of Mum, Dad and 3 sisters and 2 brothers and myself left Bremer Haven, Germany sometime at the end of 1954 (I have no idea how long the trip took,
or the exact date that we left Germany on this ship, the M/S Skaubryn. We arrived in Sydney at Circular Quay or where ever it docked in Sydney Harbour, on the 12th day of January 1955,
It was awesome for us all when we sailed beneath Sydney Harbour Bridge, it was an adventure for us children, I guess , I was 10 years old at that time and the oldest of my siblings.
In later years, I believe before 1960, we heard about the burning and sinking of the Skaubryn in the Indian Ocean with just one loss of lif .
I am very happy and pleased to have found your website William, it is quite nice that after such a long time I did finally get to read and understand.

Name: Klaus - Email: ****
Date: Sat Apr 25 2009
Hi, William, Klaus again, I just read Claudia Dixons story here in your Website, Her information has already helped me find out when the Skaubryn left Germany in December 1954.
I would like if it is possible for Claudia to write to me at my email address, we also lived at the Greta Migrant Camp,
Thanks, so much, Klaus
Ps . Apparently not all of my previous words made it to this website before this letter.

Name: Jutta - Email: ****
Date Sat Apr 25 2009
my brother Klaus just showed me our ship that we came over from Germany in 1955, I was only 2yrs old when my parents came over to Australia on the Skaubryn,
so thank you so much for giving me a chance to see our ship. Regards Jutta

Name: Patrice Trampenau - Email: ****
Date: Fri Sep 04 2009
Hi, my father and his family were passengers on the MS Skaubryn that caught fire 31st March 1958,
my father was 7 years of age. Most of dads sisters and brothers are residing in Victoria, my grandmother passed away 1994.

Name: Roman Kozlovski - Email: ****
Date: Wed Sep 23 2009
Hi I have a certificate called "Imperium Neptuni Regis" dated August 27, 1952.
I am not sure if that is the date we arrived in Australia. I have a vague idea it was when we crossed the Equator if I remember rightly from what my parents told me some years later.
This date might help some people with passenger dates. I was a 4 months short of 2 years old on that date (born New Years Eve, 1950)
I was born Roman Kozlowski. My father was also Roman but my parents divorced and my mother remarried to Frantisek (Frank) Kadlec.
My mother was born Anna Heidl on Christmas Day, 1923. We went, like most others by the info I have received, to Bonegilla and were relocated to Elsie Street, North Geelong.
I am going to Germany late November/early December to try and trace relations on my mothers side. I believe she had two sisters.
I am quite happy for anyone to contact me on the email address provided for a chat or whatever
Roman Kozlovski (somehow the w became a v due to pronunciation.

Name: Steve Pervan - E-mail: ****
Date: 11-11-2009
Hi Bill

I was wondering if your website is still active as I cannot access any photos I can only read the comments.
My father (now 76) was aboard the 58 voyage he was 25 at the time migrating to Australia on his own.
He tells me how because he had some maritime experience from his time working on the Rhine after escaping from the then Yugoslavia he was asked to assist in getting people off the ship.

He also tells me how people were bailing the life boats with their shoes. We were talking about it the other day, which prompted me to jump on the web.
it was great to find your website with so many stories.

Hope to hear from you
Steve (Newcastle Aus)


Name: Chris Vella - Email: ****
Date: Fri Nov 13-2009
Greetings to you William John.
My Late father Vince Vella and his wife Laura and two sisters Patricia and Sandra were passengers on that ill fated voyage that left Malta.
The stories my father told me differed somewhat from others, he told me how he had barely any clothes and the same was for my mother.
Their story broke my heart as it was so tragic. My dad also spoke of how there was division amongst the different nationalities between the Dutch
who were flown over to Australia and the Maltese who were transfered to other ships. I don't really know how true this is but can only go by what was told.
I was wondering if there is anybody else who might have known my dad and mum, my dad has passed on now but is survived by my mum Laura.
I would be very grateful for any information.

Chris Vella

Name: William John
Email: billcox(@) -- remove brackets
Date: 29-11-2009
Hi Chris Vella.
Thanks for your message and story
I never was told that there was any friction between the Maltese and others.
When my family arrived in Melbourne on the SS Orsova they had nothing with them. Only some odd pieces of clothing that were kindly given to them by some
of the English passengers that were on board the Orsova. They had no pieces of luggage whatsoever. No handbags, nothing.
Any many of them had no Insurance cover on their belongings.

Bext Regards to your and family.

Name: Fred Degabriele
Email: ****
Date: Sat Mar 27 2010
Left Malta to Australia with family at the age of 14 years during 1954. Trying to find out the liner we arrived on, was it Skaubryn or Skaugum.
Can you help out. Cannot offer further info.

Name: J. Whitehead
Email: ****
Date: Sun Apr 11 2010
Were you on the Skaubryn when she caught fire?
If so ,do you remember the SS City of Sydney.

Name: Cecilia Illes
Email: ****
Date: Tue Apr 13 2010
Hi Bill, I hope your website is still open.
I am investigating in my parent's trip from Sydney Australia back to Italy on the Skaubryn, in 1958 the last trip of the ship before its fatal fire incident.
Can I get access to some photos of the Skaubryn?
I am also looking for the passenger list of this travel from Sydney to Naples, Italy.
Do you have some information for me? This would be great, thanks.
Kind regards
Cecilia Illes