Zaren and Giorgina Camenzuli
Nickname - * Is - Simenza *

About Zaren and Giorgina

About two years ago c2001, I tried to make contact with Zaren and Giorgina Camenzuli. This was after I learnt about the Skaubryn Saga song. I had no idea where they lived in Australia. Many months later I did receive a letter by Giorgina's son in law. He asked me what was the reason for my wanting to contact her. So I explained to him, telling him that my mother and 6 other members of my family were on the ship in March 1958. A second letter by him arrived shortly after.

He informed me about the passing of Giorgina's husband. He also wrote saying that she was very distressed by the loss of her dear husband. He promised to contact me as soon as possible. And so he did.

A short while ago, I made contact with Mr Mark Caruana of NSW. Mark is a Researcher and Historian on Maltese migration to Australia. Mark knew the Camenzulis well. He has helped me with a lot of detail, photos and other information. I am very grateful to Mark for his help.

My thanks also goes to Dr Barry York, an eminent and prolific migration historian, for permission (through Mark Caruana) to copy some photos and other items from his ANL magazine. Dr York was the photographer and author of the journal article.

I have never met the Camenzuli family. My three sisters and a brother in law (all from Birzebbuga Malta) told me that they do remember Zaren and Giorgina on the Skaubryn and on the City of Sydney.

Here is a short brief about Zaren and Giorgina. He was born in Hal Tarxien and was a driver working at Hal Far Airport prior to migrating to Australia. Giorgina was born in Zejtun and lived in Hal Ghaxaq.

Zaren Camenzuli's family nickname is " Is - Simenza ". Well known by that nickname by the ghannejja fraternity and other old timers who have links with Maltese Ghana. Zaren's brother was a top ghannej at Hal Tarxien, Malta.

I left Birzebbuga Malta in Sept. 1951. During WW2 (I was just 10 yrs of age) we moved from Birzebbuga (our house was next to the SHELL Depot) to Zejtun for a few months, then moved to Hal Ghaxaq for a few months before moving back to Birzebbuga. I can tell Giorgina that we used to take shelter from the Air Raids in the Kannierja below the Parish Church at Hal Ghaxaq. So its likely that her parents were down there with us during the Air Raids. Our house was in the little Square by the Church where the Labour Party Club is today.

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