On30 'Steam in the Woods'

My Adventures in On30 Model Railroading

On30 'Steam in the Woods'

Welcome to 'Steam in the Woods', documenting the construction of my first On30 narrow gauge 'mini-layout'. After being a long time HO steam-era collector I got the chance to view an On30 modular layout at a recent hobby show and the larger O-gauge sized engines running on narrow HO-gauge track was so appealing to me that I immediately began doing some research and soon after got hooked buying engines and rolling stock. Now... with several engines, and cars for them to pull, I've decided to try my hand at a very small layout build that will allow me to 'test the waters' of layout building, scenery, track laying and weathering. My goal when finished is to have a 'professional looking' diorama-like layout that will allow me the enjoyment of watching my model trains in action while appreciating the hard work that goes in to making a great looking model railroad. 

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A few additions


Check out the 18' Bachmann high-side gondola, the scratch-built 13' gondola and a modified Bachmann caboose now with a flat, cupola-free roof in the Rolling Stock section of the photo galleries. I also uploaded an image of a Bachmann Rail Bus I picked up at the end of last year. 

 I also have a new scratch-built structure that I will be getting some photos of in the next few days so come back to check it out. 


New Out House


While it may be new I scratch built the outhouse to look a little more weathered than the cabin it was made for. I might have to repaint the cabin now. 

Website Changes


I've completed some updates to the site today. Changes made by FreeWebs.com prohibited me from adding new photos to existing photo pages I had of the layout, lumber mill, engines etc forcing me to create an entirely new Photo Galleries link on the left side menu. In the new link I have moved images of the water tower, lumber mill, engines and miscellaneous buildings and will be adding images there. I have left the existing photo gallery of the layout where it was for now.

I also created a 'Members' page and encourage anyone interested to sign up as it would be nice to have the site be a little more interactive for visitors. Enjoy!


The Tool Shed


Another new scratchbuilt structure for the layout... this time I went with board by board construction and had to get a little creative to make the rolling track for the door as I wanted it to slide open and closed. Pretty happy with the results!

Just a few scenery updates!


More 'life' has started showing up around the railway lately. Guess that's a good sign when the town starts growing right? The line has some new engineers hard at work moving freight and some other new faces will be here soon. More to come!

Cabin 2.0


So... after having the new cabin on the layout for a couple of weeks I decided 1) I didn't like the gray color as much as I thought I might and 2) it needed the chimney I had wanted on it from the start. The revision:

Business Card Cabin


So I happened to have a box of no longer needed business cards sitting in front of me one day while on a rather lengthy conference call and out of boredom I began moving them around to see what sort of paper structure I could create with them. It didn't take terribly long for me to come up with the following; a simple cabin or shed looking structure without making any modifications to the size of the cards.

I played around with versions both with and without a fireplace and painted each flat black acrylic as I had no plans for windows on any of the small structures.

Then went on scraps of wood, black construction paper for the roof and some paint and some black wash and here is the final results:

While not terribly thrilled with the coloration I figure it plays the part well enough of an old unkept cabin in the woods. At some point I'd like to add a few details such as an actual plaster fireplace, a bench or rocking chair for the porch and perhaps an old lazy hound-dog.

Not Forgotten


While its been a good long while since I've made any new changes to my small portable layout something came over me today and I began to work on small scenery items long lacking. For far too long my lumber mill has been silent. Today however the blades were ringing with the sound of cutting timber and as you can see the mill is now producing wood for purchase by the local community.