From Fabulous to Fit

Signing up for Weight Watchers and the 100+ Message Boards is one of the best things I have ever done for my journey to permanent weight loss and a complete mind change (Romans 12:2).  The 100+ Boards has made the biggest impact.  I learn so much.  Some of my favorites that have motivated me are  Sputnik Deb, and Allison Jean.  

I long to be thin enough to look good in rockabilly and pin-up girl curve hugging dresses and skirts.  Baby Girl Boutique  does have fat girl sizes, but I want to be a pin-up girl.  When I reach my goal weight of 180 lbs that will be my reward to myself.  A pin-up girl tattoo on my back.

I lost a lot of weight in the beginning of my journey.  Rumors flew.  I don't why it is in life that some feel the need to break you down to build their selves up.  Go ahead and Hate On Me.

When I first started an exercise regimen I freaked out that my weight loss began to slow down.  Why The Scale Lies answered a ton of questions for me.  Hang in there.  It's temporary.  Initially it was difficult to even find time to exercise.  When my priorities shifted time was made.  You just have to become creative.  Personal Trainer, Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser demonstrates about 25 office workouts anyone can do.

After my first 8 months on Weight Watchers the honeymoon was over.  No more 10-13 lb. losses per month.   I tried everything to get the scale to move.  My moods were dictated by what the plastic box said.  I could go from happy to sad with one LCD screen read.  One thing I did was got rid of my scale.  I became a slave to it, and it became my adversary.  Weighing myself dozens of times a day.  Trust me.  A measuring tape, if you must evaluate yourself numerically, is a little more acurate.  Dieting and Metabolism another awesome publication was extremely educational.

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy by the Andrew Sisters.  Classic.

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