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Wat Trumcitta Vipasana, Bercham Ipoh Malaysia

This is another interesting Thai temple worth visiting.  It is a little difficult to find as this temple is located within some industrial area at Bercham in Ipoh.  We shall walk you through the Photo Tour of Wat Trumcitta Vipasana.

Wat Trumcitta Vipasana used to be a small temple but had expanded in recent years thanks to supporters and donors.  One can see that this temple has high revelance for Phra Luang Pu Tuad.  The temple compound is serene despite it was surrounded by light industrial factories and a housing estate nearby.  Wat Trumcitta is strategically located at the foot of a limestone hill with a cave entrance. 





















Wat Trumcitta going through minor touch-ups on the main Buddha's structure by the resident monks from Thailand. 

Marnphichai Buddha sitting in bliss posture with the lush limstone hill at the background.










Cave entrance just beside the large Buddha structure














Phra LP Tuad bucha is inside the cave for devotees to pay respect and perform prayers.









At another building structure within the compound is Sai Yart Reclining Buddha.  We believe this structure is one of the earlier constructed main shrine for devotees to perform prayers or the abbot to give Dharma sermons.







 Monk's residence







A small house for amulet donations at Wat Trumcitta.  

Interestingly this temple is closely associated with Wat Pa Mahawan (Nakhon Ratchasima) in Northeastern Thailand.  Wat Pa Mahawan is known for Kruba Krissana Intawanno "Butterfly King".  We believe that this temple abbot and its resident monk may have in some way associated with Krubba Krissana and had sought the support from him to bless and consecrate amulets for donation to Wat Trumcitta.  

All Kruba Krissana's amulets are made in B.E.2547 and after almost 5 years, this temple construction is almost completed with many structures in placed.  Left only some minor touch-ups on its surrounding buildings.

This brings to our conclusion that who says one must go all the way to Thailand to seek good amulet? This clearly demonstrate that great amulets can also be sought at a very reasonable price from Malaysian-Thai temples as long as the resident monks are from Thailand. Please also visit SimplyBuy's Amulet Specials to view some of temple items. 

The above is Pidta Phim Bang Saeh with 1 piece gold takrut and silver Kruba Krissana butterfly emblem on the bottom. Made from 108 pollen plants, Khruk Rak powder, and Chitladda powder.

Pidta Sangkachai Lang Phisua, 1 piece Gold Takrut made from 108 pollen plants, Khruk Rak powder and Chitladda powder. 


Purpose of making this batch of Pidta amulets (Pidta Sangkachai Lang Phisua and Pidta Phim Bang Saeh) was to build the largest LP Tuad image in Malaysia for devotees to worship in conjunction with Wesak Day 2004.  This batch of amulets was only made for Wat Trumcitta and is not available in Thailand.

Amulet consecration and blessing ceremony was conducted by some senior Buddhist masters notably Luang Po Koon Parisuttho, Kruba Kritsana Inthawanno, Luang Po So Thatsapo, Luang Po Nuan, Luang Po Dam and Phra Archan That.  


Phra Archan That and Kruba Kritsana performed the last incantation over at Wat Trumcitta in Ipoh.  Therefore, this batch of Pidta is very worthy due to the good intention for raising funds.   



Kruba Krissana Intawanno Biography


Phra Kruba Krissana Intawanno was born in August 1, 2497 (A.D.1954). He is the 9th child in a family of 10 childrens.  Phra Kruba Krissana ordained as a monk under Phra Kruba Pu whom is very well-known in Northern Thailand.  Kruba Krissana followed him on Tudong to Cambodia and Laos. Kruba spent the next 10 years studying Buddhist holy texts and practiced meditation in the forests located in North East Thailand.  Kruba Krissana is one of the best-known monk in present day who is a guru master of unique amulet style with unique Salika Couple (Butterfly) image.


Kruba Krissana resided in a cave above the Moonbon Dam in Khonburi in B.E.2532 (A.D.1989).  After 3 years, the local people got to know about a great monk in their area thus they requested Kruba Krissana to build Wat Pa Mahawan.  Facilities were built and a pond of water supplied and dug with the help and efforts from the local people. Kruba Krissana used the earth from the newly dug pond to make the Salika Couple as sacred object of worship and bless by Kruba himself.  After that, Kruba continue making his Butterfly amulet which is actually a pair of Salika.


Phra Kruba Krissana Intawanno is a famous Dhamma Master, known for making efficacious pendants and is known today as King of Butterfly or Thep Jamleng Pamora in Thai.


The efficacy of his pendants has been experience by many of his believers and had even won over many hardcore skeptics who had originally thought that this was just another sales gimmick by enterprising amulets businessmen.


Thep Jamleng Pamora butterfly is actually Lord Siva himself.  This amulet is made from the sacred mixture of flowers, herbs and earth from the newly dug pond in his temple. This amulet is very fragrant and can produce a nice smell that can last for a very long time throughout the day.


A common feature of almost all the amulets are the exquisite natural gemstones which have the potential to harness natural energies and endow the wearer with good luck and fortune. Kruba Krissana once said that 'not any gemstone can be used, only those which have been blessed and cleansed of any impure energy.                                                                                                                                 



Katha blessing Kruba Krissana

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhasa (3 times)


Yer Ram Yer Si Ram Yer Ram

Siri Ram Yer Ram Yer Yer Ram

Krissana Haray Krissana

Na Ma Pa Ta (repeat 3, 5 or 7 times)




On the second day of Chinese New Year 27 January 2009, an incantation and blessing ceremony was held to make Phra LP Tuad loop lor (small images).  It comes in a 3 model series; 1 gold plated material and 2 bronze material. 

Luang Po Deng of Wat Rai was invited to participate in the blessing.  A limited quantity of total 999 pieces were made and each piece has serial numbers at the bottom. Official temple price is only RM38 for each piece.  



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