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Wat Siribunya Maggarama Ipoh, Perak

This temple is situated along Jalan Tambun (Tambun Road) in Ipoh.  According to public account, this temple used to be a small temple and it had expanded gradually over the years just before the passing away of its Chief Abbot a few years ago.  The past Chief Abbot in seen here on the center of this photo and on the Venerable left hand side is Luangpu Sri and on his right is Luang Po Sod. 



We did not obtain much on the historical background of this temple but surely it is an interesting temple to visit or renting amulets.  We shall begin with a photo tour of Wat Siribunya Maggarama to showcase the temple surroundings and amulets available. 






Lord Buddha's altar inside the Main Shrine Hall 'Ubosot'

Wall paintings inside the Main Shrine Hall


A big Phra Prom is located inside the of the temple building.

Shown are amulets for donation or "Tamboon" at Wat Siribunya Maggarama inside the Main Hall amulet corner section. The temple does not issue receipts for the items. Unlike Wat Mekprasit which is not concern with amulets, this temple offer a variety of amulets for donation.  Noticed that most amulets on display at the counter are from outside temples especially from Thailand and some from Thai-Malaysian temples.  

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We hope that you have enjoyed SimplyBuy's photo tour of Wat Siribunya Maggarama.  Next we shall bring to you another interesting temple also located in Ipoh - Wat Trumcitta Vipasana.  Ipoh is located approximately 580 km away from Singapore.  It may be a far distance for some visitors (Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc.) to travel all the way to Ipoh.  With this photo tour we hope it will be beneficial for everyone to admire the beauty of those temples and view the variation of votive tablets available at these temples.  Most importantly is knowledge sharing to expand our interest in learing. Thank you.