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Wat Mekprasit, Ipoh Perak, Malaysia

In this edition SimplyBuy brings all Dharma friends to a Thai temple situated in Ipoh, Perak state in Malaysia.  Wat Mekprasit has a long history and there is not much historical account from its past but it is well known to many Buddhist devotess especially from Ipoh.  

As interesting as it is, this temple housed some beautiful artworks from the beginning of its existence.  It is also known to some as the temple of Arahats due to the many life sized Arahant images kneeling in anjali posture (legs kneeling and hands claps together in paying homage to Lord Buddha). 

We shall share this merit of knowledge and info with everyone.  The temple compound shares a serene landscape despite its small land area.  This temple is situated along Jalan Kuala Kangsar and the address is No. 102-A, Jalan Kuala Kangsar, 30010 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.  The chief abbot for the past 32 years is Venerable Chali or Luang Po Chali.  LP Chali is a camera shy abbot and a very modest monk whose priority is in dealing with Dharma teachings and Vipassana meditation.  

As we scroll along, we will provide some narration about this temple.  LP Chali was appointed to take care of this temple since 1976.  Venerable's origin is from Southern Thailand and he has been very patient in his duties to conduct his Sangha duty in Wat Mekprasit since the first day and can be seen from the Dharma existence that vibrates here for so many years ever since his arrival. 

Seen below here are a couple of photo shots taken at the compound surroundings.  

The main prayer hall inside Wat Mekprasit sits Lord Buddha Sakyamuni Gotama on antique Thai style layer altar.  The limelight of this temple is the Reclining Buddha at the background.  You may be able to notice a White Orb just at the tip of the Buddha's hip just below the left palm.  The same White Orb also makes its appearance on the next photo on top of Lord Buddha's left higher arm.  From my previous encounters with White Orbs or we simply term it as guardian dieties, the transclusent round diety is quite huge in diameter.  Homage also to this diety for blessings and protecting Wat Mekprasit.  







Here are some more photographs revealing the temple interior surrounding.  Highlighted here are images of two past abbots that always receive prayers and wishes from devotees.


The moment most votive amulet hobbyist have been waiting for is here.  We have some disappointing news for those seeking amulets although Wat Mekprasit housed some vintage pieces.  LP Chali do not concern with amulets and the Venerable is only keen to talk about the Dharma and Vipassana matters.  But he is merciful to give blessings to devotees and their own personal amulets.   

The reason behind his action of not dealing with amulet renting started since 1995.  The photographs you will see here in the glass cabinets are locked for ages.  According to LP Chali back then he used to give out free amulets.  The problem started many years back when he gave away a Bucha to a lay devotee without any monetary return.  The bucha was sold at RM300 by that particular lay devotee.  The purchaser or "victim" after departing the amount of money brought the bucha back to the temple for LP Chali to be blessed.  LP was shocked to see his bucha was owned by someone else and after investigation, he was depressed to have found out that people make money from what he gave away for free in the name of the Dharma.  Ever since then in 1995, the amulet counter had been closed and it is only for public viewings.  See no touch!    










We share the importance of Dharma over amulets.  Here is what we have learned from LP Chali.  This is his exact words: "There is no point to wear many amulets if one does not follow the Panca Sila or known as the 5 Buddhist Precepts".  His words should stay deep in our heart and mind as the miraculous power of amuets will only protect those who holds dear to the Dharma teachings.

With LP Chali's benevolence teachings, we have concluded that he is a merciful monk and is always approachable by people from all walks of life.  Credit should also be given for his effort for coming so far away from Thailand to teach the Dharma for so many yeas at Wat Mekprasit.  






An old traditional Thai style bookshelf with the Dharma Vinaya books.   









An old picture potrait of past Sangha vanguard was found where I only recognized one of the Dharma monk - LP Jong from Wat Bang Nom Kho, Ayuthaya Province (in standing position 3rd from the right) 





Phra Prom is also a part of the unique heritage of Wat Mekprasit located outside the compound covered by roof for many lay devotees to pay their respect.    

SimplyBuy sincerely hope that this photo tour of a historical temple in Ipoh, Wat Mekprasit will bring benefit to all Dharma friends, community members and visitors in terms of knowledge sharing.  Thank you.