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Wat Peyaram in Tangkak, Johor is a Siamese temple affiliated to Tok Raja.




Ayutthaya, an ancient capital city is also the birthplace of the Legendary Khun Paen and many famous Guru Monks.  Read more!  


SimplyBuy Thai Amulet books.  View books that are available. This is not a business profit site.  Please review SimplyBuy's clear objective to bring this knowledge to the world of votive tablet  collecting.  


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We are happy to have you with us in this exclusive site for Thai Amulets Books. Our advice to many amulet hobbyist and rookie collectors alike; Read many books and conduct your own research towards understanding  amulet of your interest.  We may not know all the origins of each Thai amulets that is currently available but surely with a bit of reading and understanding from expert resources you will surely be knowlegeable.      

This community site started with one single objective - To make it easy for people like you and me to get contemporary Thai famous amulets books/magazines without having to travel all the way to the Land of Smiles.

Simply Buy is dedicated to serving the needs of people wanting to read quality Thai Buddhist amulet magazines & books but unable to get them locally at your neighborhood newstand.  Many times I had the urge to read a particular magazine pertaining to some pieces of my amulets but was unable to get any reading materials. Friends most of the time may not even have it and the final option is to wait for the opportunity to travel to Thailand in search of the magazine/book.

I am not sure if you will agree that it is better to get more info and research about a particular amulet before one invest heavily into it.  This is a wise approach from the stand point that one don't waste their hard earned cash into something based on others hear say.  It is better to be knowledgeable before investing especially into aged premium amulets. 

Likewise, investing in anything will also require a bit of research.  You will have to agree that at some point you will need to read or simply review photos of the original amulet in books to make comparisons. Besides that you can also show your authentic amulet together with the book/magazine to your friends. The result is Satisfaction!

Next, I received some positive comments from members that the product photos in Web Store are not very sharp.  I must apologize to all that I am not a professional photographer and secondly I am using my one and only 6 years old Sony digital camera.  I will try to make do with what I got and try to improve the sharpness of the books/magazines on display in this site.    

Can't Rely On Someone Else To Buy

Relying on my fellow buddies to get me a few copies of my desired magazines/books may turn out to be disasterous too.  You can't blame your buddies for giving you some of these lame reasons;

  • Not enough time lah to shop for your book 
  • Can't find a bookstore but found many other type of souveniers
  • Books/magazines are very heavy, afraid baggage overweight
  • Oops! Sorry I got you the wrong book. He! He! He!

With this community site, you will get quality book and magazines.  Why quality and not simply any book/magazines?  Because I am a very fussy chap with regards to quality and taste in choosing reading materials that can create value as compliment to your amulet collection.  I take all the necessary steps to ensure you get the best value so that you can Simply Buy without any hesitation.  Sounds great right?

How About Cost? 

Do you think this community site is a profit center? NO is the answer. Remember the ultimate aim is to resolve a problem we commonly faced as amulet book readers.  Simply Buy will only order what is needed in small quantity.  You can also suggest popular interests so that we can try getting it for everyone in this community.  My Thai buddy in Bangkok will help out in obtaining the book/magazines and arrangement of air freights.  You are only paying for the street value price, international freight charges, miscellaneous cost for going to the bookstore, and finally local courier charges to your doorstep.      

The vision of Simply Buy is for this amulet enthusiasts community to share great stuffs.  Suggestions are most welcomed by you to bring in more values to other deserving members in this community from all over Malaysia and Singapore.  

Rest assured that all magazines/books listed in this site are carefully selected for maximum reading enjoyment.  Whether you are reading or adding the books/magazines to your prized amulets collection, we hope you will have an enjoyable reading experience  with  Simply Buy.  

Questions About Amulet Trading 

I received frequent inquiries from some members of this community if Simply Buy does trading of amulets.  The answer is obviously NO.  For one simple reason that is not our aim to trade amulets.  This community site is for bookworms as you may say it.  Ha! Ha! Ha!. 

Last but not least, I wish you a very fulfilling prosperity and happiness in your life pursue.  




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