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Miscellaneous Tunes

The Sims 3
The Sims 2
The Sims
The Sims Stories
Map View
Custom Music

Big Band
College Rock
Hip Hop
Indie Wave
Jam Bands
New Age
New Wave

Deluxe Edtion
House Party
Hot Date

Makin' Magic


Latest Updates

20/01/09: Uploaded a range of Miscellaneous Sims tunes including Festive Holiday Theme, Strangetown Theme, and Bustin' Out Loadscreen Music.

Added all the links and file sizes for The Sims Online exclusive music. Also uploaded all five of the Mansion and Garden tunes to the Pop section.
Also added a new Sims Stories section with music from Pet Stories and Castaway Stories.

15/12/08: Added the links to Vacation, Unleashed, Superstar, and Makin' Magic, as well as the file sizes.

12/12/08: Added the links to all the tunes from House Party and Hote Date as well as all the file sizes for Deluxe, House Party, and Hot Date.

11/12/08: Added the links to all the tunes from The Sims Deluxe. Sizes and links to other tunes are still to come.

The Sims 3 (PC) Music

MusicExpansion PackSize
Constructive SimicismThe Sims 3
4.02 MB
Simmering MalletsThe Sims 34.17 MB
Simple AssemblyThe Sims 34.01 MB
Some Assimbly RequiredThe Sims 34.10 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Aisles of Miles of SmilesThe Sims 3
4.09 MB
Consumerism SimplifiedThe Sims 34.06 MB
Don't Be ParsimoniousThe Sims 34.11 MB
Striking SimilaritiesThe Sims 34.15 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Amazing FacsimileThe Sims 3
3.78 MB
Fortissimo PersonalityThe Sims 34.44 MB
Identity CheckThe Sims 33.87 MB
VerisimilitudeThe Sims 34.20 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Cartographer's SimphonyThe Sims 3
4.16 MB
Let's AssimilateThe Sims 34.05 MB
Maps & SimbolsThe Sims 34.03 MB
Simple DirectionsThe Sims 33.98 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
The Sims 3 ThemeThe Sims 3
2.14 MB
The Sims 3 Theme (Soundtrack Version)The Sims 3 (Soundtrack)
2.59 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Blame It On MeThe Sims 33.57 MB
Ghosts (Radio Edit)The Sims 33.12 MB
I Love LAThe Sims 33.97 MB
Punches, Kicks, Trenches And SwordsThe Sims 33.22 MB
RevolutionThe Sims 33.11 MB
The Other SideThe Sims 33.67 MB
True StoriesThe Sims 32.57 MB

The Sims 2 (PC) Music

MusicExpansion PackSize
Hey BabyBon Voyage2.57 MB
Midnight SerenadeBon Voyage3.67 MB
Neo SwingBon Voyage1.98 MB
Old New YorkBon Voyage3.13 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Adam Freeland - Arch Of The SimsNightlife3.72 MB
Adam Freeland - MakeoverNightlife3.79 MB
Arch of the SimUniversity2.77 MB
Bouncing the SphereFree Time2.20 MB
Brick SimUniversity2.81 MB
Building BlocksUniversity2.81 MB
Busy SimThe Sims 23.30 MB
Fruit A TopiaPets2.71 MB
General Midi - First VolleyNightlife3.71 MB
Lemon Jelly - MakeoverNightlife5.16 MB
Sim BuilderThe Sims 23.14 MB
Sim HeartbeatThe Sims 21.36 MB
Sim TileUniversity2.85 MB
SimanticsOpen for Business3.34 MB
SimantopiaPets2.88 MB
Simful PleasuresSeasons3.02 MB
Simply HotOpen for Business2.84 MB
Sims HolidazeBon Voyage1.83 MB
SimsSticleSeasons2.26 MB
Sim Will BuildApartment Life1.86 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Adam Freeland - BusyNightlife3.57 MB
Eine Kliene SimsSeasons2.99 MB
Extra SimpleOpen for Business3.05 MB
First VolleyThe Sims 22.34 MB
General Midi - Shopping SpreeNightlife2.66 MB
General Midi - Stop and SimNightlife3.21 MB
Gimme Sum SimPets2.78 MB
Lemon Jelly - Arch of the SimNightlife4.44 MB
Sail Away SimBon Voyage1.81 MB
Shopping SpreeUniversity3.02 MB
Sim BoutiqueUniversity2.81 MB
Sim HeavenThe Sims 23.46 MB
Sims Cash InSeasons2.66 MB
SimsationThe Sims 22.65 MB
SimtasticUniversity2.79 MB
Sim Will Buy MoreApartment Life3.23 MB
Stop and SimUniversity3.22 MB
The Sum of SixPets2.86 MB
Tinkering for ToiletriesFree Time2.14 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Bare BonesThe Sims 23.05 MB
Candy Maker's DelightFree Time2.42 MB
Funny BoneUniversity2.84 MB
Hyper - Sim the BuilderNightlife4.47 MB
Hyper - Sim Time Sim PlaceNightlife4.65 MB
Kiss My SimsOpen for Business2.70 MB
Lemon Jelly - Sim TimeNightlife3.78 MB
Look AliveUniversity2.83 MB
MakeoverThe Sims 23.02 MB
Sim FaceUniversity2.88 MB
Sim Time Sim PlaceThe Sims 21.06 MB
Simish for DummiesPets2.68 MB
Simple PimpleSeasons2.60 MB
Simple SimUniversity2.95 MB
Simplicity is KeySeasons2.85 MB
The Sim from IpanemaBon Voyage1.76 MB
The Sims are AlrightPets2.81 MB
Ugly Sim Be CoolApartment Life2.30 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Brahms - Hungarian Dance No 7Nightlife1.68 MB
Hayden - Flute Quartet in A majNightlife3.25 MB
Hayden - Serenade No 5Nightlife4.25 MB
Hayden - String Quartet Op 1 No 2Nightlife2.72 MB
Mozart - Quintet in A majNightlife4.39 MB
Schubert - StandchenNightlife3.04 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
A Cursive Memory - EverythingApartment Life3.04 MB
Beautiful Life - Charlotte MartinUniversity3.25 MB
Big Sky - Abra MooreUniversity3.25 MB
Bob Schneider - Getting BetterApartment Life4.86 MB
Brazil - Candles Cast Long ShadowsPets5.22 MB
Castaneda - RadioApartment Life4.05 MB
Come On - SteadmanUniversity3.62 MB
Flaming Lips - Free RadicalsPets3.35 MB
New Amsterdams - Turn Out the LightPets3.93 MB
Outsider - The DaylightsUniversity4.23 MB
Pretty People - Dexter FreebishUniversity2.91 MB
Something for Rockets - I Never KnowPets2.04 MB
Sunny Day Sets Fire - BrainlessApartment Life3.05 MB
Sway - The PerishersUniversity3.90 MB
Tally Hall - Good DayApartment Life3.09 MB
The Comas - Come My SunshineApartment Life3.41 MB
The Films - Black ShoesPets2.18 MB
The Format - The CompromisePets3.14 MB
This Conversation is Over - AcceptanceUniversity2.92 MB
Uh Huh Her - Not a Love SongApartment Life3.20 MB
Very Very Rich Town - Go Betty GoUniversity2.38 MB
W of P3 - Aff Wubbas DooPets3.96 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Cowboy Troy - I Play Chicken With a TrainPets3.00 MB
Dont Let the Deal Go DownSeasons2.32 MB
Joanna J - UnthinkablePets3.69 MB
LonepineSeasons3.10 MB
Old FolksSeasons2.40 MB
Prescott - Dixie DixiePets3.00 MB
Prescott - Hurt No NobodyPets2.57 MB
RangdolSeasons2.43 MB
Rubber BackupSeasons2.47 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Dance HauledThe Sims 23.73 MB
Dena Deadly - FortuzalaPets2.93 MB
Fly Foam de FlirtUniversity3.35 MB
In Da SimsThe Sims 23.31 MB
Jessi Malay - Topsy TurvyPets3.58 MB
Jibbs - SmileH&M Fashion3.19 MB
Kin TawalaUniversity2.33 MB
Move - Ross GolanUniversity2.76 MB
See Toast Te YaUniversity2.72 MB
Shicka Zicka ZoomThe Sims 23.54 MB
Skye Sweetnam - BoyhunterPets2.67 MB
Somethin RealThe Sims 23.61 MB
Tanaila - Wow Wow WowPets3.37 MB
The Network - Topy Apa TyPets2.83 MB
Urban LiftThe Sims 23.97 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Annie - Heartbeat (Missing)Nightlife???
Christian Forss - Hubny Harb (Missing)Nightlife???
The Faders - Jump (Missing)Nightlife???
The Faders - What it Takes (Missing)Nightlife???

MusicExpansion PackSize
Datarock - Fa-Fa-FaFree Time4.60 MB
Fire Flies - It's A PartyFree Time2.90 MB
Great Nothern - Into The SunFree Time3.94 MB
I'm From Barcelona - BritneyFree Time2.71 MB
They Might Be Giants - Take Out The TrashFree Time2.90 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Gov't Mule - Mr High and MightySeasons5.05 MB
moe. - Blue Jeans PizzaSeasons4.73 MB
The Breadbox BandSeasons4.13 MB
The Chris McCarty Band - The Next OneSeasons2.77 MB
The String Cheese Incident - Close
Your Eyes
Seasons4.32 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Dorm BeatUniversity3.75 MB
Down in TownUniversity3.34 MB
Good Evening BellaUniversity3.63 MB
Mortimer's TouchUniversity3.46 MB
Sim on the EdgeUniversity2.24 MB
Simply BopUniversity3.65 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Be a Good ChildThe Sims 22.14 MB
Chiodos - Is It Progression If A Cannibal Uses A ForkTeen Style2.98 MB
Emanuel - AnathamaticsTeen Style3.02 MB
Flyleaf - CassieTeen Style2.80 MB
Machine Head - HaloTeen Style4.34 MB
Mans FireThe Sims 24.41 MB
Monkey FailureThe Sims 24.30 MB
Plain White T's - Our Time Is NowTeen Style2.50 MB
Ride the SpeedwayThe Sims 22.57 MB
Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Snake DevilTeen Style3.29 MB
Shun Me OutThe Sims 23.58 MB
Sim to the DayTeen Style2.56 MB
Turgid ApocalypseThe Sims 22.75 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Junkie XL - Sims 2 Uni ThemeNightlife3.31 MB
Lemon Jelly - Sims 2 ThemeNightlife2.96 MB
The Sims 2 Apartment Life ThemeApartment Life2.14 MB
The Sims 2 Bon Voyage ThemeBon Voyage
2.05 MB
The Sims 2 FreeTime Theme - They Might Be GiantsFree Time
1.94 MB
The Sims 2 New Wave ThemeOpen for Business
3.76 MB
The Sims 2 Pets ThemePets
3.49 MB
The Sims 2 Seasons ThemeSeasons
3.94 MB
The Sims 2 ThemeThe Sims 2
4.00 MB
The Sims 2 University ThemeUniversity
3.07 MB
Timo Maas - Sims 2 ThemeNightlife4.94 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
A Plangent SoughSeasons
4.57 MB
Cascade BubblerSeasons
4.29 MB
Celestial BungalowSeasons
5.94 MB
Frolicking Wind DancerSeasons
5.15 MB
If You Really See EurydiceSeasons
3.30 MB
Tender PotionsSeasons
5.21 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Depeche Mode - Suffer WellOpen for Business
3.46 MB
Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get BetterOpen for Business3.48 MB
It Wouldn't Be So BadOpen for Business3.80 MB
Kajagoogoo - Too ShyOpen for Business3.37 MB
The Epoxies - SynthesizedOpen for Business2.46 MB
Touch and GoOpen for Business2.51 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
ComansnalaNightlife2.79 MB
IshnetichtNightlife3.04 MB
MuenwanaNightlife2.83 MB
Onta Da Lupa_AltNightlife2.72 MB
Wa Wa WaNightlife3.14 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
360The Sims 23.53 MB
1000 Days - Sally SallyFamily Fun2.53 MB
Aly & AJ - Chemicals ReactPets2.65 MB
Axiz - Never EverMansion and Garden
3.41 MB
Barenaked Ladies - EasyFamily Fun4.04 MB
Barenaked Ladies - What A LetdownFamily Fun3.39 MB
Barenaked Ladies - Wind It UpFamily Fun4.07 MB
Brick&Lace - Love Is WickedBon Voyage3.29 MB
Charlotte Martin - Keep Me In Your PocketBon Voyage2.90 MB
ChocolateThe Sims 23.70 MB
Chocolate featuring Vanessa (SixAM Remix)Teen Style3.62 MB
Dancing ShoesCelebration2.93 MB
Fabienne - I've LearnedMansion and Garden3.20 MB
Gabriella Climi - Sweet About MeApartment Life3.00 MB
Good Charlotte - Where Would We Be NowApartment Life3.37 MB
HeroThe Sims 23.14 MB
Hope - AngelsBon Voyage4.80 MB
Isabelle Huang - Hit itPets
2.73 MB
Janelle Monae - Violet Stars Happy Huntting!Apartment Life
2.85 MB
Jeannie Ortega - When Love Walks AwayBon Voyage3.01 MB
Jem - CrazyApartment Life3.23 MB
Katy Perry - Hot n ColdApartment Life3.29 MB
Keke - The Game SongH&M Fashion2.88 MB
Kevin Michael - We All Want The Same ThingH&M Fashion3.44 MB
Kristen Dez - Come On Come OnPets3.95 MB
Lily Allen - SmileSeasons2.91 MB
London To Tokyo - Feel BetterMansion and Garden3.90 MB
Ludo - Love Me Dead
Mansion and Garden3.93 MB
Miss Li - Let Her GoIKEA Home2.06 MB
Natasha Bedingfield - Pocket Full Of SunshineFree Time3.09 MB
NeighborhoodThe Sims 23.35 MB
New BabyCelebration2.92 MB
NLT - That GirlH&M Fashion3.26 MB
One Block Radius - You Got Me
Mansion and Garden3.25 MB
Oops-a-SimUniversity3.44 MB
pacific! - Sunset BlvdIKEA Home3.59 MB
Robyn - Bonichita KitchaIKEA Home2.32 MB
Saving Jane - Girl Next DoorPets
2.99 MB
Say OohCelebration2.98 MB
Shock of Pleasure - This Is A TestApartment Life3.67 MB
Simple SugarCelebration2.83 MB
Stop and Think - The White RoomFamily Fun
2.44 MB
Surferosa - Scandinavian DecayIKEA Home3.24 MB
Tata Young - ZoomSeasons
2.98 MB
The Alexandria Quartet - Into the LightIKEA Home3.30 MB
The Pussy Cat Dolls - Don't ChaPets
4.22 MB
The Veronicas - When It All Falls ApartSeasons
2.89 MB
Vassy - Wanna FlyBon Voyage2.83 MB
Wainwright - Can't Believe My EyesApartment Life2.97 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
2NightThe Sims 24.63 MB
Baby Love MeThe Sims 24.07 MB
Love of MineThe Sims 23.70 MB
Show Me the WayThe Sims 23.74 MB
SmooveThe Sims 24.47 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Damian Jr. Gong Marley - Welcome to JamrockBon Voyage
3.02 MB
Hawk - Sweet MusicBon Voyage3.02 MB
Mad Caddies - BackyardBon Voyage2.77 MB
Stephen Marley - Mind ControlBon Voyage3.82 MB
Stephen Marley feat Damian Jr. Gong Marley -
The Traffic Jam
Bon Voyage3.27 MB
Ziggy Marley - Make Some MusicBon Voyage3.87 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
BonitoThe Sims 23.70 MB
Cherry ChaChaThe Sims 24.58 MB
Dance the DawnThe Sims 23.87 MB
DJ Bitman - EjaleKitchen and Bath2.79 MB
Fire of the NewbieUniversity3.75 MB
Heat of the HeartThe Sims 22.19 MB
Ozomatli - La GallinaKitchen and Bath2.75 MB
Salsa of the SimKingUniversity3.10 MB
Spanish Harlem Orchestra - Sacala BailarKitchen and Bath5.54 MB
Tito Puente - Machito Forever (Cut Chemist Remix)Kitchen and Bath4.20 MB
Who Can SayThe Sims 24.30 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
The Sims 1 Buy Mode 1Open for Business2.45 MB
The Sims 1 Buy Mode 2Open for Business2.22 MB
The Sims 1 Buy Mode 3Open for Business2.53 MB
The Sims 1 Buy Mode 4Open for Business2.03 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Guitar FictionBon Voyage2.13 MB
Guitar TsunamiBon Voyage1.50 MB
Suntan SimanicBon Voyage2.87 MB
Surf Guitar A GogoBon Voyage1.61 MB
Surfs UpBon Voyage2.08 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Banana BlasterThe Sims 23.21 MB
Chromeo - Fancy FootworkApartment Life2.99 MB
Cut Copy - FutureGlamour Life4.70 MB
Dance DownThe Sims 24.79 MB
DJ FunktronicThe Sims 23.49 MB
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Battle RoyaleApartment Life3.18 MB
Ghostland Observatory - Club SodaApartment Life3.77 MB
Hot Chip - ColoursGlamour Life4.92 MB
Hot Chip - So Glad To See YouGlamour Life3.86 MB
Junkie XL feat. Electrocute - Mad PursuitApartment Life3.82 MB
Ladytron - GhostsGlamour Life4.39 MB
New Phase 1The Sims 24.67 MB
Ralph Myrez and the Jack Herren Band
- Boombox Breakdown
Apartment Life3.46 MB
SimmathonThe Sims 23.36 MB
Sinusoidal SimUniversity2.84 MB
The Whip - DivebombApartment Life5.06 MB
Touchstone - SimpaticoGlamour Life3.27 MB

MusicExpansion PackSize
Bossacucanova - Bom Dia RioBon Voyage2.83 MB
Cheb I Sabbah - Tum Bin ShyamBon Voyage5.99 MB
Gaelic Storm - ScalliwagBon Voyage3.05 MB
Jef Stott - Funky NawariBon Voyage4.92 MB
Ojos de Brujo - Sultanas de MerkailloBon Voyage3.14 MB
Rocky Dawuni - The OneBon Voyage4.32 MB

The Sims (PC) Music

Music Genre Size
A Plangent Sough Build
Cascade Bubbler Build
Celestial Bungalow Build
Frolicking Wind Dancer Build
If You Really See Eurydice
Tender Potions
The Sims 1 Buy Mode 1Buy
The Sims 1 Buy Mode 2
Buy MB
The Sims 1 Buy Mode 3
Buy MB
The Sims 1 Buy Mode 4
Buy MB
5.54 MB
Classica4.26 MB
Classica2.82 MB
Classica3.06 MB
Classica3.70 MB
3.35 MB
Devils Dr
Country2.77 MB
Down Yon
Country3.55 MB
Country2.63 MB
Sally Goo
Country3.41 MB
Country4.02 MB
Country3.25 MB
Latin #1
4.96 MB
Latin #2Latin/Nhood5.84 MB
Latin #3Latin2.62 MB
Latin #4Latin/Nhood3.25 MB
Latin #5Latin4.54 MB
Latin #6Latin/Nhood4.17 MB
Latin #7Latin/Nhood4.65 MB
Neighbourhood #1
Neighbourhood3.35 MB
Neighbourhood #2
Neighbourhood3.78 MB
Neighbourhood #3
Neighbourhood1.90 MB
Rock #1
4.20 MB
Rock #2
Rock4.03 MB
Rock #3
Rock2.98 MB
Rock #4
Rock4.93 MB
Sims Rock
Rock4.84 MB

Music Genre Size
Beach 5
2.86 MB
Lovely Sim
Beach2.91 MB
Sharky Sim
Beach2.71 MB
Sim Fin
Beach2.83 MB
Sim Sun Burn
Beach2.90 MB
Country Dance #1
Country Dance
3.24 MB
Country Dance #2
Country Dance2.41 MB
Jerry Lee Sims
Country Dance3.42 MB
The Band
Country Dance2.36 MB
Yippio Ki Oh
Country Dance2.47 MB
Dancin Sim
3.43 MB
Drop Some Sim
Disco2.91 MB
Party in Sim Paradise
Disco3.35 MB
Sim in the Plaid
Disco3.35 MB
Sim Medallion
Disco3.35 MB
Rap #1
3.25 MB
Rap #2
Rap3.42 MB
Rap #3
Rap3.34 MB
Rap #4
Rap3.34 MB
The Group
Rap2.89 MB
Put it Down
3.44 MB
Sims House Party
Rave3.04 MB
Rave2.79 MB
Rave3.58 MB
Rave3.37 MB

Music Genre
Cab Ride
3.07 MB
Dizzy Sim
Downtown4.26 MB
Going Out
Downtown5.12 MB
Let's Dance
Downtown3.91 MB
Play it Sim
Downtown5.04 MB
Downtown4.83 MB
Downtown5.87 MB
The Club
Downtown5.01 MB
Cheap #1
2.45 MB
Cheap #2
Cheap2.54 MB
Cheap #3
Cheap3.01 MB
Cheap #4
Cheap1.96 MB
Cheap #5
Cheap2.84 MB
Cheap #6
Cheap2.42 MB
Cheap #7
Cheap2.28 MB
Cheap #8
Cheap2.53 MB
Cheap #9
Cheap1.32 MB
Expensive #1
3.44 MB
Expensive #2
Expensive3.28 MB
Expensive #3
Expensive1.22 MB
Expensive #4
Expensive3.03 MB
Expensive #5
Expensive3.46 MB

Music Genre Size
3.15 MB
Hut on the Shore
Vacation3.24 MB
Island Boy
Vacation2.99 MB
Vacation3.27 MB
Vacation3.20 MB
Vacation3.28 MB
SimsVac8Vacation3.21 MB
Tropical FreshVacation3.29 MB

Music Genre Size
Band #1
5.13 MB
Band #2
Cheap6.22 MB
Band #3
Cheap5.61 MB
Band #4
Cheap4.36 MB
Band #5
Cheap3.93 MB
Band #6
Cheap3.88 MB
Piano #1
Cheap2.33 MB
Piano #2
Cheap3.29 MB
Ain't a Sim in Here
3.19 MB
Cajun Sim
Zydeco2.94 MB
Play it Sim
Zydeco3.30 MB
Swamp Rat Sim
Zydeco1.95 MB
Zydeco4.21 MB
Zydeco Sim
Zydeco3.74 MB

Music Genre
8x10 Glossy
3.49 MB
Backstage Pass
Superstar4.78 MB
Botox Forever
Superstar4.08 MB
Casting Call
Superstar4.58 MB
Superstar Theme
Superstar3.39 MB
The Spa Treatment
Superstar4.53 MB
Studio Town #1
Studio Town
2.53 MB
Studio Town #2
Studio Town1.26 MB
Studio Town #3
Studio Town2.49 MB
Studio Town #4
Studio Town2.52 MB
Studio Town #5
Studio Town2.79 MB

Music Genre Size
Build #1
Magic Build
1.30 MB
Build #2
Magic Build2.27 MB
Build #3
Magic Build1.84 MB
Build #4
Magic Build1.76 MB
Build #5
Magic Build2.69 MB
Build #6
Magic Build1.77 MB
Build #7
Magic Build1.40 MB
Buy #1
Magic Buy2.32 MB
Buy #2
Magic Buy1.25 MB
Buy #3
Magic Buy682 KB
Buy #4
Magic Buy2.04 MB
Buy #5
Magic Buy3.22 MB
Magic Town #1
Magic Town
2.29 MB
Magic Town #2
Magic Town1.61 MB
Magic Town #3
Magic Town1.51 MB
Magic Town #4
Magic Town1.71 MB
Magic Town #5
Magic Town1.61 MB
Magic Town #6
Magic Town1.99 MB
Magic Town #7
Magic Town2.24 MB
Makin' Magic Credits
Makin' Magic
2.64 MB
Makin' Magic Theme
Makin' Magic0.98 MB

Exclusive Music Genre Size
4.54 MB
Horror #1
1.99 MB
Horror #2
Horror1.88 MB
Horror #3
Horror915 KB
Horror #4
Horror481 KB
Horror #5
Horror869 KB
Horror #6
Horror890 KB
Map #1
5.33 MB
Map #2
Map4.52 MB
Map #3
Map4.83 MB
Old World #1
Old World
2.86 MB
Old World #2
Old World1.58 MB
Old World #3
Old World1.64 MB
Old World #4
Old World3.15 MB
Old World #5
Old World2.23 MB
Old World #6
Old World2.23 MB
Don't Pull the Lever
3.37 MB
Sci-Fi #2
Sci-Fi3.40 MB
Sci-Fi #3
Sci-Fi2.28 MB
Sci-Fi #4
Sci-Fi3.11 MB
UFO #1
Sci-Fi425 KB
UFO #2
Sci-Fi649 KB
UFO #3
Sci-Fi525 KB
UFO #4
Sci-Fi506 KB
UFO #5
Sci-Fi471 KB
UFO #6
Sci-Fi519 KB
Select #1
4.54 MB
Select #2
Select4.53 MB
Select #3
Select4.32 MB
Select #4
Select4.15 MB
Select #5
Select4.54 MB

The Sims Stories Music

Exclusive Music Genre Size
2 Bit Pie - Here I Come
4.17 MB
Electronica 3.34 MB
The Pinker Tones - Sonido Total
Electronica 3.09 MB
Electronica  MB
French Kicks - Also Ran
Glacier Hiking - Save Some
Indie MB
Malbec - Given The Times
Indie MB
Noisettes - Scratch You Name
Indie MB
The Oohlas - Small Parts
Indie MB
Pets Chocolate
Robyn - Bonichita Kitcha
Rosie Thomas - Much Farther To GoPop
Simmom NPop
U my Bop pe Op

Music Genre Size
Beach 5
2.86 MB
Lovely Sim Beach 2.91 MB
Sharky Sim Beach 2.71 MB
Sim Fin Beach 2.83 MB
Sim Sun Burn
Beach2.90 MB
Bamboo Tiki
1.82 MB
Coconut ShuffleBuild
1.98 MB
Monkey Groove
1.83 MB
Dancing Crabs
1.87 MB
Fine Beach
1.91 MB
Island Shop Man
2.06 MB
Calypso Sim
1.91 MB
Sun Splash Sail
1.82 MB
Dancin SimDisco
3.43 MB
Drop Some SimDisco
2.91 MB
Party in Sim ParadiseDisco
3.35 MB
Sim in the Plaid
3.35 MB
Sim MedallionDisco
3.35 MB
3.15 MB
Hut on the Shore
Island3.24 MB
Island BoyIsland2.99 MB
SimsVac8Island3.21 MB
Tropical FreshIsland3.29 MB
Chocolate Island
3.87 MB
Ain't a Sim in HereZydeco
3.19 MB
Cajun SimZydeco
2.94 MB
Play it SimZydeco
3.30 MB
Swamp Rat SimZydeco
1.95 MB
4.21 MB
Zydeco SimZydeco
3.74 MB

Miscellaneous Sims Music

MusicFeatured In...
Bustin' Out Biker
The Sims Bustin' Out
2.28 MB
Bustin' Out Loadscreen Music
The Sims Bustin' Out
4.33 MB
Bustin' Out Techno
The Sims Bustin' Out
3.74 MB
Bustin' Out Titles
The Sims Bustin' Out
2.61 MB
Glabe Glarn (N.N.P. MegaMix)
The Sims Superstar
2.49 MB
The Sims 2 Festive Holiday Theme
Festive Holiday Stuff Trailer
982 KB
The Sims 2 Glamour Life ThemeGlamour Life Stuff Trailer
866 KB
The Sims 2 Strangetown Theme
The Sims 2 PSP (Trailer Recording)
879 KB
The Sims 3 Theme
The Sims 3
2.13 MB
TV Beer Advert Sound FXThe Sims (In-Game TV)
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TV Dog Advert Sound FXThe Sims (In-Game TV)232 KB
TV Monster Truck Advert Sound FXThe Sims (In-Game TV)307 KB
TV Toy Advert Sound FXThe Sims (In-Game TV)231 KB


  • Simsation can be heard as background music in The Sims 2 Pets NDS.

  • Frolicking Wind Dancer will be familiar to The Sims Online players. It starts playing when you enter City view on The Sims Online.

  • All the Shopping tunes are from The Sims Buy Mode, and all the New Age tunes are from The Sims Build Mode.

  • Chocolate is a favourite amongst Sims players. It was one of the first Pop songs in The Sims 2, and later became the theme tune for The Sims Life Stories. Later Sims Stories games had different versions of this tune as their themes.

  • The Sims 2 Apartment Life Theme was used in the Apartment Life trailer as well as the 100 Million Sold Celebration video.

  • Sim Will Build can be heard when starting up The Sims 2 with Apartment Life being the latest Expansion Pack installed.

  • The Sims Online tune which I titled "Weather Machine" is the tune heard in one of the Seasons 'How Do You Play?' Movies which was also added to The Sims 2 Free Time as the movie, "Weather Machine", hence the title.

  • "Down Yon" was the tune used in The Sims 2 Free Time movie, "Fetch".

  • U my Bop pe Op was also featured in The Sims Bustin' Out soundtrack. The tune was heard in the original Sims 2 movie, "Meet My Sim" which featured Don Lothario with some of his romances, however, the tune was never in any of The Sims 2 games.