Coming Soon to The Sims

4th June 2010
29th October 2010

Coming Soon to Sim-Wolf


More Sim-Wolf Encyclopedia Pages (The Sims 3)
I'll be adding some more pages to Sim-Wolf Encyclopedia for The Sims 3 on various topics such as gardening, skills, careers, etc.
over the next few months.
• Traits page: Includes details on all the traits in The Sims 3 and World Adventures.
• Careers page: This page will feature tables with details on all the different career levels in all the career tracks as well as the Work Tones available for each career.

• Sim-Wolf Downloads Reconstruction Completion
Sim-Wolf Downloads has been merged with the main site, but it still needs to be modified to be completed. I also need to finish packaging and uploading all The Sims 3 Clothes recolours I've made.

• The Sims 3 Tunes on Sim-Wolf Radio
I've managed to get hold of all the music tunes from the different music stations and modes in The Sims 3, and will
uploaded them to Sim-Wolf Radio sometime in the near future. I'm still looking for more "authentic" files for the Stereo station tunes, as the ones I found had a fade in added at the start.


• Clothes Recolours for The Sims 3
I'll end up with a ton of recolours I've made of clothes in The Sims 3, and I'll try my best to upload most of them here. Recolouring in The Sims 3 is so much easier, and very useful.

• Suburban Family Houses
I made a couple of houses in The Sims 3 a while ago based on houses across the road from me. I just need to use Create-a-Style to the best of my ability and add any finishing touches before uploading them.