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  I am a 4H and A.R.B.A member. These are the shows and what I won!   

                                                   Star 2005Star

Fremont 4H fair, Showed Abigail, Won: Blue for Showmanship, Blue for Jr. Live Show.

Me, waiting in line! Look at cute little Abigail!

Me, doing my presentation!

At the showmanship table!

Burt County Fair, Showed Abigail, Won: Purple for Showmanship, purple for Jr. Live Show, Grand Champion purple for Best Bunny,  Grand Champion Trophy!



Fremont 4H Fair, Showed Misty, Won: Blue for Showmanship, Red for Intermediate Live Show- Bummer!

Burt County Fair, showed Misty and Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit Won: purple for showmanship. Misty Won:    purple for Showmanship, B.O.B, B.O.S. and purple for live Show.


My First A.R.B.A. Show!!!

Showed Butterfly: won 3rd place!            I learned alot!



Fremont 4H Fair, showed Brakes, Misty, and Butterfly, won: All purples! Purple for showmanship with Brakes, He was B.O.B. Purple for showmanship with Misty, she was B.O.B. Purple for showmanship with Butterfly, and purple for Live Show with Brakes!

Burt County Fair, Brought all of my bunnies! :) I showed Blueberry, Butterfly, Peter Rabbit, Misty, Brakes, Abigail, and Polly. Showed Blueberry in sen. live show, won a purple, and in showmanship, won a purple. Butterfly won a purple in showmanship, she was B.O.B. Peter Rabbit won a blue in showmanship, Misty won a blue in showmanship, Abigail won a blue in showmanship, Polly won a blue in showmanship, and Brakes won a purple in showmanship, he was B.O.B. and he was the Grand Champion Bunny!

Showing my little brother, Levi, the bunnies!

Who's the best bunny?

Bunnies not cooperating for the picture!

There we go!  



So far I haven't been able to do any showing this year. We are too busy right now! I can't wait until next year and I can get my drivers licence, so I can drive to shows! :)


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New Litters:

~Mini Lop Litters~ 

Benji and Alaina had a litter of 6 Feb, 21 2014!

Hoppin's Brayden & Silver Gate's Arabelle had a litter of 5 (1 died) Feb 22, 2014!

Hoppin's Brayden & Silver Gate's Julia had a litter of 7 (1 died) Feb. 21, 2014!

~Holland Lop Litters~

None at this time.