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 In the Nest Box

Mini Lop Litters: 


Parents: Hoppin's Benji + Frontline's Fiona

Born: December 3, 2012 

Gold tipped steel buck~

Black buck 1~

Black buck 2~

Black buck 3~ *Hold for Kloe*



  Holland Lop Litters:

 Parents: Silver Gate's Copper + Silver Gate's Mindy

 Born: December 2, 2012

Orange/black tri buck *Hold for Katy*





                     Upcoming Litters



Mini Lops:

Will be breeding: 

Hoppin's Benji 'n' Frontline's Fiona

Hpopin's Benji 'n' Silver Gate's Amanda

Hoppin's Benji 'n' Silver Gate's Alaina


Holland Lops: 

Will be breeding:

Corky Cave's Blueberry 'n' Silver Gate's Daisy

Silver Gate's Copper 'n' Silver Gate's Mindy 


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                                Waiting List

 Mini Lops:

 Freddie ~ Mini lop

Buffy ~ Mini lop buck 

 Holland Lops:

Paula ~ harlequin doe

Kim ~ doe

Jaime ~ blue/blue tort doe

Carrita ~ harlequin 


Are you looking for a bunny?
I can put you on my waiting list!

If you see a bunny that you really like in one of my new litters, be sure to email me and then I can add your name to the waiting list above. Please let me know what breed, color, gender, and if you want pet/brood/or show quality. I can then contact you when the bunnies are ready to be sold, or when I have that specific bunny in another litter. I hope that I can help you find a match in an upcoming litter!


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New Litters:

~Mini Lop Litters~ 

Benji and Alaina had a litter of 6 Feb, 21 2014!

Hoppin's Brayden & Silver Gate's Arabelle had a litter of 5 (1 died) Feb 22, 2014!

Hoppin's Brayden & Silver Gate's Julia had a litter of 7 (1 died) Feb. 21, 2014!

~Holland Lop Litters~

None at this time.