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In Loving Memory

My Grandpa passed away September 15, of the year 2010

He, Francis Joseph Armstrong, 79 years old, was the best Grandpa in the whole wide world. We miss him so much.

Everytime my Grandpa came over he walked down to see the rabbits and other animals and he always asked how they were when we visited him and Grandma.

He was always so caring and sweet, ready to help anyone. I loved him so much.

He will be greatly missed.


Hops A Lot's Peter Rabbit ~ May 8, 2006-July 6, 2010




Peter Rabbit was an adorable, sweet little guy. He was the father of Abigail's first litter of 10! He was also the father of Misty's litters. In Abigails litter they were mixed breed of course, but it was fun seeing that some of the babies looked like Hollands, some Minis, and some a mixture, like a small Mini lop and such. I got an email awhile ago from a family that bought one of the bunnies, and their bunny won grand champion!

Peter Rabbit was such a litter cuddler! I loved cuddling with him.

Silver Gate's Abigail ~ April 4, 2005-August 26, 2010




Abigail was such a sweet bunny! She was my first ever loppy eared bunny, so she was very special to me! She wasn't pedigreed and didn't have the best body, but boy, was she a great mommy, and just such a sweetheart!

I remember the day, going to that ladies house, and wow! There were a bunch of little baby bunnies to pick from (she had alot of little brothers and sisters) but she was the cutest! I loved her color, opal, but unfortunately never got another opal Mini lop doe from her to keep. I am glad that I did keep a doe from her last litter, Silver Gate's Amanda.

 Abigail had 4 litters: her first litter was 10(!), the next two litters were 7, and then her last one was a litter of 6. So, all together 30 adorable babies, and out of the 30 (if I remember right) only 1 died!

Abigail, I will miss you! I loved it how you would snuggle up under my neck and would always meet me right at the door.

Hoppin's Alicia ~ August 14, 2010 - June 14, 2012

 Color: Black Chinchilla

DOB: August 14, 2010

Sire: Hoppin's Scotch, Sable Chinchilla

Dam: Hoppin's Brianna, Chocolate Chinchilla   


Right before we moved back down to Missouri something very unexpected happened. My sweet Mini lop doe, Hoppin's Alicia, passed away. I can't believe it as she was not even 2 years old yet, and she seemed perfectly healthy and happy up until the day she passed away. I do not know what caused her death.
Alicia had 3 beautiful litters. 22 babies all together. She was an excellent mama! She also placed 5 out of 8 solid Mini lop does at the Nebraska Tower on the Plains ARBA show May 29, 2011.

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New Litters:

~Mini Lop Litters~ 

Benji and Alaina had a litter of 6 Feb, 21 2014!

Hoppin's Brayden & Silver Gate's Arabelle had a litter of 5 (1 died) Feb 22, 2014!

Hoppin's Brayden & Silver Gate's Julia had a litter of 7 (1 died) Feb. 21, 2014!

~Holland Lop Litters~

None at this time.