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                 How Silver Gate Rabbitry Began!                                   *Note!!!* *This was written when I was 12!* :)

  My First Bunny 

I got my first bunny when I was about 6 or 7. He or she (not sure!) :) I think now was a Netherland Dwarf. I named (I'll just say him) Honey Bunny, because right after we got him my Mom called me Honey Bunny and I said "that's it! Honey Bunny, his name is Honey Bunny!" Plus he looked like honey (he was brown)! We got him from the pet store and being new bunny owners we kept him in an aquarium. :) When we moved out to the country we kept him in a cage. Well one day when my mom was holding him he jumped out of her arms and ran away in the forest. The Dutches

 A friend of mine told me about her bunnies, I asked her tons of questions, I asked my Mom and Dad, and I decided that I wanted to do bunnies too. I decided to try the Dutch breed...


So, I got a Dutch bunny, Anna. Anna was a sweet little girl! I made a pin for her to excersice in, and she loved it. But one day I ran inside while she was in there and she got out of the pin. I ran around looking for her, and then I saw Oreo, our dog, with sweet little Anna in his mouth, she was dead. It was so sad.


 After that, I got Violet, another Dutch doe. She was also a sweetie! She got out of her cage somehow and also ran away.


And THEN I got another Dutch "doe", Cuddles, at only 8 weeks old at an animal auction. Well, "she" turned into a he... So, He was ADORABLE! I got Abigail right around this time and took her to my first 4H show, in Fremont. It must have gotten really hot because he was in the shade, but when we got back he was dead. Again, I was heartbroken.


So, as you can tell, the Dutches just were not working out...

  The Lops

So, Like I said before, I got Abigail in 2005. So I was about 9 or 10. I got her from an older girl here in Oakland. I had a bunch of bunnies to pick from, because Abigail had a bunch of brothers and sisters, but I picked the cutest, and the sweetest one! :) I've had Abigail for about 4 years, and never once has she bit me or been mean at all. Even when she's pregnant, in fact, I've watched her have her babies!


I got an adorable little sable point Holland lop next, whom I named...yup, Misty! Misty is my little sweetheart! I got her in 2005 also.


I got cute little Peter Rabbit in 2006. He is the proud daddy of a lot of babies! He is a little sweetie and is now my pet.


Well, then I got a Mini lop buck to go with Abigail. I got him from Laruea's (sp?) Petting Zoo. Benjamin Bunny was MEAN. He was soon known as Benjamin Beast. He growled, bit, stomped, ran at you when you opened his door - MEAN. And he never got Abigail pregnant...So I got rid of him. I think that that's why I didn't get another Mini lop buck for so long.


I decided to get another Holland lop doe in 2008. So I got Bloink's Invidia ~ renamed Butterfly. I got her in Colorado on our vacation.


I became a member of the ARBA in 2008 and went to my first show in Council Bluffs the day after I got Butterfly. Of course having just got a broken colored doe I needed a solid buck, so I got adorable little Blueberry!


While at the show, I came upon some Mini lops for sale. I looked at them and really liked Brakes... although I was kind of hesitant in getting another Mini lop buck. But I got him and learned that there are some sweet Mini lop bucks out there! :) Brakes is the complete opposite of Benjamin Beast! He is a big sweetie!

                                       The Silver Gate

Okay, Silver Gate Rabbitry sounds fancy, doesn't it? Well, keep reading!


Dad made me a very nice fence enclosed place where I kept my bunnies and I could just open the door and let them hop out and excersice - It was very nice, I loved it! The place where I got in at was the "Silver Gate" ~ A metal sheet! :) I just stepped right over it into my rabbitry! Mom asked me one day what I wanted to name my rabbitry and I thought about it. I finally decided that it would be Silver Gate Rabbitry!


   Thank You: 

God for creating such adorable little animals and for each day He gives me. Because each day is a gift!

Dad and Mom for letting me have bunnies, for taking me to shows, for helping me build rabbit things, and more.

Little brothers and sister for helping me tame my bunnies, and helping me carry down water bottles from the well!

                                                         Thank You!

* Note * We did happen to see some Netherland Dwarf/Dutch/Eastern Cottontail mixed rabbits on our farm! :)

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Benji and Alaina had a litter of 6 Feb, 21 2014!

Hoppin's Brayden & Silver Gate's Arabelle had a litter of 5 (1 died) Feb 22, 2014!

Hoppin's Brayden & Silver Gate's Julia had a litter of 7 (1 died) Feb. 21, 2014!

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