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 Rabbitry # C035

  My name is Ashley Trask and I live on a farm in Cassville, MO! We are about an hour south-west of Springfield. However, we will still be making trips up to Nebraska to visit family, and will be happy to arrange delivering bunnies for those who live up in the Omaha/Fremont Nebraksa area!

 This is an ARBA registered rabbitry, number C035.     


I am a breeder of a small number of Mini lop and Holland lop bunnies. I have been raising rabbits for about 7 years now. I have a small 12 hole rabbitry. I just love the loppy eared buns, especially the Mini lop and Holland lop breeds. My bunnies are bred for temperament as well as breed standard. My bunnies are handled daily, babies are too from day number one. If you get a bunny from me it will be well handled and should be great with children, as I have 6 younger siblings who love the bunnies as well! I take pride in raising healthy, happy, well socialized bunnies. My goal is to breed Mini lop and Holland lop bunnies that are a great example of their breeds for future breeders and that will do great on the show tables. All of my bunnies are bred as close to the ARBA standard as possible.


Raising bunnies is a very fun and enjoyable hobby for me. Like it says at the very top of this website, I not only raise, breed, and show Mini lops and Holland lops, but I love them as well! My bunnies are very much loved pets.


I will be having a lot of litters here in 2012, Lord willing! If you want to reserve any babies from future litters please email me. I would like to keep a list of reservations as it helps with finding homes for surplus stock.


I love to receive any pictures of bunnies I have sold and to hear how they are doing


Thanks for visiting my website and feel free to add my website as a link on your website and to email me with any questions, comments, etc. Please check back often to see changes and updates!



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New Litters:

~Mini Lop Litters~ 

Benji and Alaina had a litter of 6 Feb, 21 2014!

Hoppin's Brayden & Silver Gate's Arabelle had a litter of 5 (1 died) Feb 22, 2014!

Hoppin's Brayden & Silver Gate's Julia had a litter of 7 (1 died) Feb. 21, 2014!

~Holland Lop Litters~

None at this time.