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Welcome to my site!  Here you will find my collection of CD's, as well as things I'm looking for, what I think of some of the discs I own and some links to sites that I frequent.  Some of the sites I've given links to are great for finding new bands, or just getting a review of an album so you'll know whether or not it's for you.

I listen to many different kinds of metal, even just plain old rock and roll.  If you don't agree with a band I own, good for you.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  If you don't agree with a review, or an album I want to get, the same principle applies.  To each his own!  Anyway, look around and enjoy!

News and Notes

Update on 1/16:

Finally did up a review for Tenebra - Tenebra.  I've got a few more planned and will try and post them soon.

Have finally starting adding CDs to the collection again (at least, adding at a rate of more than 2 or 3 a month).  Got a nice batch coming soon, and will list them in the collection on arrival.  Two or three I'm expecting will get reviewed soon after arrival!

Keep it heavy!


Contact Me

Any questions or suggestions?  Know of any bands I would enjoy but you don't see them here, either in the collection or on the want list?  Want to work out a trade or are willing to sell any of the albums I'm looking for?  See any albums in my collection and would like to request a review?  Feel free to contact me!!

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