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Asian and Hawai'ian Warrior Art

...One of the Preeminent Warrior Artist of our Times!


Warrior Art that is painted with the same style, panache and skill  that artist/author Sid Campbell wields the samurai sword!


In both his contemporary Japanese and Hawai’iana art artist/author Sid Campbell's style and technique is distinctive in many ways.  In addition to his choice of oil colors and almost surreal qualities of using light in a subtle yet noticeable manner the garments, armor, weaponry reflect a high-level of detail.  One cannot help noticing that in some of his art he has uses gauze matting (for a background texture) that adds another dimension of depth. His imaginative creations usually have a magnitude of depth exceeding that of what many think is possible on such a flat surface as canvas. Dimensionally, some of his Giclée limited edition (L/E) signed and numbered (S/N) canvas museum quality prints seems to go for miles. Spatial proportions, incremental shading and exquisite to detail in the background of his art attributes to that effect.  In fact, the backgrounds of most of artist Sid Campbell’s oil paintings are very detailed coercively beckon the viewer to study the minutiae with the utmost in scrutiny.

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