Death Awaits You Reborn!

Welcome to your Demise...

Welcome To Death Awaits You: Reborn!

NEW IP(05/01/2014):

New Dungeon for New Players!

A Patch is required to see it.

Please download THIS patch, and copy the files into your DAY UO:ML Folder!

If you have any questions, Please Page in game! 

Death Awaits You is back, Baby! Check us out! 


For connection help, please see our page: Connecting to the Sever 

There is an automatic restart at 2am Shard-Time every morning to help clear lag and apply updates.  Please be prepared!

Players are allowed ONE account per person, and THREE characters on that account.  Any more than three may result in your characters being deleted, or your account being banned!  This has always been a rule, and it will be enforced. 


Shard Description

We have many custom items, including:  


  • hues
  • monsters
  • Clothes
  • Wings
  • Weapons & Shields
  • Helmets
  • Masks
  • Belts
  • Elven items


....and plenty more.  New custom items are constantly being added, and not all are available to be viewed on this website.  We even have a custom weather system, so don't be shocked if you're hit by lightning :)

 All our staff is very friendly, and if you think otherwise then please let us know!

This is a family shard, and cursing is not allowed.  We have an automatic jailing system in place that will jail any offenders for 30 min.

We are NOT a PVP shard, but do allow PVP in Fel. There is no PVPing in any gate that is provided in the Gate Room (even if it's in Fel), unless otherwise specified on gate.

When you make a character, you will have the option to take a tour of the shard before you join. Take advantage of the opportunity, as we have many exciting areas for you to see.  We hope you love playing here and will stay with us for a long time. 

Help support this shard!



Your donation will help with the costs of maintaining and updating this complex, custom world.  Any and all donations help, and are greatly appreciated. You can send any amount you want, but if you send over $5 you can claim a reward!  

When you donate with paypal, please include your account name, characters name, and your reward request along in the description.   If you forget, please send this information via e-mail to  **********

 If you send an email, please remember to specify the email address from which you sent the payment.  Getting a paypal account is FREE and EASY!!

If you'd like to send a Money Order or Personal Check, please email______  at ******* to ask for a mailing address. **Note: you will have to wait 10 days after the check is cashed to make sure it fully clears.

ALWAYS include your account name, character name, and prizes chosen.

To receive your reward, the money must be made in one donation, meaning you cannot donate $3.50 on one day and $1.50 a week later and ask for the $5 gift. Some exceptions to this are okay, but you must ask first.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for visiting!