Shaun Kelsey
Writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Star Trek

Star Trek


Here are the adventures of Shaun Kelsey in the world of Star Trek.

These stories are written under the penname d. William Roberts

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Star Trek


Retirement of a Ship's Captain

This is the introduction to the stories of an officer's climb through the ranks in Starfleet.

The Night Watch

"The Night Watch" is the first story in the Kelsey chronicles where he travels back to his first adventure on board the USS Enterprise.

Rites of Passage

Hoverboards and Photons

Love Shaun

Dream Catcher

In Harm's Way

Free Market Incident

"Free Market Incident" is a teaser short story for the novel length "Old Feuds".  This was unusual for Orion Press since they generally only publish stories that are complete and "Old Feuds" was only about half-way done at that time.

    Old Feuds (eBook)

"Old Feuds" runs parrallel to Randy Landers' "Chekov's Enterprise", also published by Orion Press.  There is one scene where both novels are intertwined, however, seeing the action from different points of view.

Suffer the Young (Now available from Orion Press)


    Liberation from Hell (eBook)

A word of warning about this story.  The author was mimicking the writing style of the author who had started the series of stories that this finishes.  It is very graphic and not intended for young audiences, or the faint of heart.



   "The Arawn Gambit" (eBook)

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