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A sad tale.

I'm sorry to say--that after a few years of ups and downs...Kasoka and Mai...lets just say they dont ever get along any more. For both our sakes--i'm closing the site indefinitely, and changing the password so that she can't come on and try to make this a bigger deal than it already is. Sorry for the hard times.

Thanks for all the great times and patronage--we both greatly appreciated all the feedback and constant traffic!

I'll be leaving everything up--but there wont be any more updates. This is the end.

Good bye everyone! I'll miss you!

What's New...
Welcome to the New Layout for Shattered-Data!!

We got really bored with our old layout, so after much badgering from Mai (:P) I finally got cracking, and made this awesome new one! >w< Other than that, we have one new Chapter in Mai's story up, and a new sketch from Diethel to Mai! >w<

Note: We, here at Shattered-Data, do not own Digimon, or anything from, Digimon, except for certain Digimon, Mai, and Kasoka.

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