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Registration is free, after doing so you are able to post in the guestbook, start your own roleplays, create your own blogs, and enter the contests that go around every once in a while.

Make sure to respect others, we're all friends here.

[UPDATE]:Hey everybody Dye the Fusion Hedgehog here letting you all know that i'm the new site Admin. I'm gonna do my all to get this site up and running!

[UPDATE]: story 1 part 1 of the new shadow and ciera stories are up, yes that's right, it's not even the full thing, the new stories are going to be divided into chapters as i write them so be prepared for possible cliffhangers abound XD

[UPDATE]: Ciera page reedited (she is no longer a mary sue yay!!!!) and revised shadow and ciera stories are coming, i'll begin with book one and i'll still keep the new ones so look forward to that! Also i am going to be making a shadow the hedgehog let's play if anyone would like to double comentate with me let me know in a PM

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