London Lass

London calling from a faraway town


Howdy everyone,


Im here in my new place in London, after a terribly wrong idea of moving in with the old lady - lasted only 3 weeks and then had to find a new place to stay...

Nothing much been happening lately, went to Dublin and Edinburgh last month and met a few really great girls and ever since, all my free time has been taken up with socialising with them.

I already have a few trips planned including Belgium and Amsterdam in a couple of weeks for October Half Term, then Dublin for the weekend to drink and party with the girls. Afterwards, heading to Turkey for two weeks to see the highlights for a budget price, and then Austria for Xmas. We are going on a Contiki Ski Trip for a week over Xmas with half inclusive and then racing from there to Hogmanay in Edinburgh, which should be the party to end the year.

Have been working my butt off to get money together for the trips and to pay off my debts that I still owe, and going to the movies, shopping, weekends out with the girls and generally enjoying London and all the things it has to offer...

Anyway guys, keep an eye out on Facebook for me and on Flickr for my photos - and I will let you know how its all going!

Catcha! :-)

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