MMA Ronin Martial Arts Club

MMA Ronin Martial Arts Club
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FIMA Fall Classic 2nd Pl.

 Sensei Tom O'Brien

Classes are 3 nights a week & Sunday morning - call 845-499-3701

Martial Arts Experience

Sensei Tom O’Brien has 43 yrs. Experience in the Martial Arts.  Rated 4th in the country by the National AAU Karate Organization in 1981.  Maintaining a small, humble, dojo called the Ronin Martial Arts Club in Rockland County, Suffern, NY for 35 yrs.  We teach Vee-Jitsu as was founded by Prof. Florendo Visitation (Prof. Vee) and as was taught by Prof. James Powers.  We teach Ju-Jitsu, Judo, Karate, self defense, Tae Kwon Do, Arnis, boxing & kick boxing.  Vee-Jitsu is & always was a mixed martial art.  We create AAU Karate champions.  Sensei Tom is an ‘R’ rated AAU official.  Sensei won 2 gold medals at the AAU tournament on 9/10/06.  Silver medalist in kata, kobudo & kumite at the 2010 AAU Karate National Championships.  Silver medalist in kobudo & kumite at the 2011 AAU Karate National Championships.  Promoted to Rokudan (6th degree black belt) on 11/22/11 by Prof. Rick Riccardi, 10th Dan and Grandmaster of Vee-Jitsu Ryu Ju-Jitsu, founder of Niseido Ju-Jitsu and the Niseido Federation.  Gold medalist in fighting @ the 2013 AAU NJ Karate Championships, silver in weapons & bronze in forms.

Contact us at 845-499-3701


Also placed second in kata at the FIMA Fall Classic karate tournament on 11/19/06.

6 of us competed in the AAU Karate tournament on 12/10/06 and we won 7 silver medals.

4 of us competed in the AAU Karate competition on 11-18-12 & we took home 9 medals.

5 of us went to the AAU NJ Karate Championships on 4-14-13 & we took home 11 medals.  Sensei Tom won gold in 45+ fighting @ 64 yrs. old, silver in forms & bronze in weapons.

7 of us competed in the AAU Karate tournament on 11/24/13 and we won 12 medals.

AAU, 07, NJ State Championships
Six of us went to the AAU, 07, NJ, State Karate Championships on 3-18-07 and we took home 5 medals.  We now have 4 State Karate Champions in our humble Dojo.

AAU, NJ, State Karate Championships, 3-08
Sensei Tom won gold in weapons & 3rd in kata.  Simon won gold in kumite & 3rd in kata.

2010 AAU Karate National Championships

Sensei Tom was the silver medalist in kata, kobudo & kumite.  Ron St. Denis was the silver medalist in kumite.

2011 AAU Karate National Championships
Sensei Tom won silver medals in kobudo & kumite.




MSG Hall Fame 1-28-07

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