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Pages relating to the Mediterranean on this site will eventually migrate to a new site MEDITERRANEO and when the site is fully up and running the Mediterranean pages here will be closed.


There will be no new entries on the Med on this site from May 2010

 Like Tell-Tales, this site will contain an eclectic mix to do with things nautical, or nearly so, in the Mediterranean. For sailing outside the Mediterranean stay here on TELL-TALES.

There will inevitably be some duplicaton between the two sites with pages that are relevant to sailing within and without the Mediterranean on both sites. These will all have the same page name so don't worry too much.


I'm getting lost on what is where around this site so below is a brief guide to the bergy bits and the deep water.

This page has now been radically pruned and there is just a brief introduction to what is on the pages. The pages have also been re-organised so that things will hopefully be clearer and you can see the bergy bits.

New bits are added to existing pages when I get time and access to a broadband connection so its worth checking pages you may already have looked at.

For supplements to my books go to the Corrections page on the Imray web site. There are also text only corrections HERE

WARNING   This web site is content driven so if you are looking for flash add-ons, irritating adverts telling you that you have won a million dollars, pop-ups that slow your computer down or any generally dumbed down bits of cut and paste from Wikipedia or other sites, then try elsewhere. You also can't buy anything on this web site... not even my books. There are plenty of other web sites that do that. It does have photos and even a few really bad videos, but these have been heavily compressed for that bad wifi signal in the anchorage. The organisation of the web site is not the greatest as like Mopsy ' just growed', but you should be able to find most things from here or the side bar.


Ocean Passages & Landfalls 2nd ed

The new edition came out in December but check on the IMRAY site for details. Both me and Andy have put lots of work into this edition and it is a different and better beast than the 1st edition. Well you can all be the judge of that. I don't sell it here but you can go to your local bookshop, to Amazon or other sites that sell books, or to Imrays to get a copy.

For more info go to Ocean Passages




I've made some of the page titles clearer and got rid of some of the more anodyne and confusing titles. So for example World Sailing 1,2,3,4... has been changed to more specific titles gathering information for different oceans and regions into specific ocean or region pages. Likewise Practical Boat Stuff pages have been changed to categories like Sails and Boat Canvas or Widgets and Lateral Thinking to try and put vaguely similar items on the one page.

You can go to the Skylax blogs for information on cruising areas or to the more strictly ordered 'sailing in' pages. On the Skylax blog there is a more eclectic collection of info compared to the 'sailing in' pages where the information has been honed down and ordered with links to what is on the page. The Skylax blog has no links at the top so you will just have to scroll up and down for info whereas the 'sailing in' pages have links at the top of the page.

This is a rag-bag collection of everything from weather to provisioning and cooking at sea (with recipes) to HF radio and other stuff.

Ocean Passages
Gourmets and Gourmands (provisioning tips and recipes)
Crew on board (some guidelines?)
Lu's Radio Page   (Setting up HF radio including installion, Pactor modems, and tips and tricks.)
Boat design (general musings on boat design and practice)
Annotated Google Earth (annotated maps of harbours and anchorages organised pretty much in the same order as the blogs)

See also the Practical Stuff pages below


Mediterranean Sailing
Skylax blog on Greece 2007
Skylax blog on Sicily 2007
Skylax blog on Spain 2007

See also Early days in the Med


Sailing in the Atlantic
Skylax blog Atlantic Islands
Skylax blog Caribbean


Panama Canal & San Blas
Skylax blog Panama 2008


Sailing in the South Pacific
Skylax blog South Pacific 2008
Skylax blog South Pacific 2009


Sailing in Australia
(Coral Coast Cairns to Darwin)
Skylax blog Australia 2009


Sailing in SE Asia
Skylax blog SE Asia 2009


Sailing the Indian Ocean

Skylax blog Indian Ocean 2010

A mish mash of of what we do on the various boats we have owned to get them ready for long or short range cruising. I have tried to re-organise the assorted contents of the original pages into some vague categories.

Practical boat stuff 1: sails and canvas

Practical boat stuff 2: Electronics and navigation

Practical boat stuff 3: Basic maintenance and boat 'jobs'

Practical boat stuff 4: Widgets and lateral thinking

Practical boat stuff 5: Boat gear

Climate and environment
Climate change
Environmental issues

Literary, historical and anecdotal pages containing recommendations, snippets of nautical arcania and some musings mostly nautical

Nautical esoterica   Just what it says.
book book   Books we like, fiction and non-fiction, we have read on board recently or refer to.
Here be sea monsters   Odd ramblings on an eclectic mixture of topics from nautical urban myth to life at sea - nearly all just text.
Small boat voyages  Voyages not mentioned in the wider press, some my own and some others like the truly amazing voyage of Ramprasad from India to Darwin. Under construction...

Supplements to books   Text only supplements. For PDF supplements with plans etc. go to the Corrections page on the Imray web site

Rod Heikell


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