Playing at the Boston College Irish Society "Irish Night" party with P.G. Mulvaney, Emily Troll and James Hamilton


Some musicians I've played with -- well, at least once or twice anyway -- admired from a distance, and/or whose company I thoroughly enjoy (and who have Web sites to link, obviously)

Kristin Andreassen
Peter Barnes
Jerry Bell
Brendan Carey Block
Seamus Connolly
Halali, collectively
...and individually
--Hanneke Cassel
--Flynn Cohen
--Laura Cortese
--Lissa Schneckenburger
Matt and Shannon Heaton
Dan Houghton
George Keith
Mia and Ari (Ari and Mia?) Friedman
Dan Houghton
Doug Lamey
Abbie MacQuarrie
Laurel Martin
Eric McDonald
Katie McNally
Barbara McOwen
The New Tyme Sisters -- Emerald Rae and Eden Forman
Eric Merrill
Heather Cole-Mullen
Aoife O'Donovan
Tom Pixton
Beth Sweeney
Mike Vitale
Prairie Wolfe
5 AM

Backing Flynn Cohen at the 2006 Blackstone Valley Celtic Festival

Music, dance venues

Club Passim
JP O'Hanlon's
The Green Briar
PJ O'Ryan's
The Skellig
The Burren
The Boston Celtic Music Fest
The ICONS Festival


Boston College Irish Studies Program
"A Celtic Sojourn," with Brian O'Donovan, WGBH-FM
Paul McEvoy, photographer: Besides photographing a number of Greater Boston folk music events, Paul organized a special group shot of musicians and singers from the area's Irish and Cape Breton music communities. (More information here)
The Music Emporium
The Digital Tradition/Mudcat Cafe
Sandy's Music

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